Are you truly living?

12801 is written on my bathroom mirror…

It is the number of days that I have left if I live to the worldwide average age of 81 as a woman.

It’s a sobering thought, isn’t it?
I’m currently 45.

Now who knows if I really have 12801 days left on planet Earth.
I could have 200, or I could have 15997, or any other number of days…..

That’s not the point,
The point is, by crossing a number off every single day, brings
into my immediate consciousness to use today wisely.

It reminds me how precious life is.
I know how easy it is to take things for granted and be consumed by the small stuff.
So, this is a daily reminder and a wake-up call,
To consciously choose and remember just how precious today is.

You may feel, that this is fear-based or induces fear.
It is not and I wouldn’t advise doing it, if it made you feel fearful of your death, or took you into lack, fear, grief, and worry when you marked another day off. (That definitely wouldn’t be helpful to you!)

However, for me personally, I know that by fully facing the reality that I only have limited time here on planet Earth in this lifetime, by fully facing my mortality,
It is then, that I can truly choose consciously to live.

We see this all the time with someone that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer,
And often it can mean a miraculous healing in some cases,

Because that person finally realizes, how much living they’ve got left to do and starts to do all the things that are truly important to them,
This impacts their joy and life force flowing to them daily, which can effect healing in the physical body.

We are all one day closer to our death every day,
But are you truly living, whilst you’re alive?

Are you truly doing the things, that are most important to you and bring you joy and happiness, for you and your loved ones?

Deep, but so worth thinking about.

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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