Are you trying to fix yourself?

Just a gentle reminder that there is a HUGE difference between, trying to improve ourselves from a place of lack, feeling that we are not enough or there is something wrong with us,


From a place of wholeness, contentment in who we are, and excitement for growth, expansion, possibility, and more…..

The first one, is no matter how much self-improvement you do, no matter how hard you work, and how much you actually really do evolve, it will always feel as if it’s never enough, it’s a never-ending hamster wheel, that you can never exit until you can love and accept yourself as you are right now.

And to be honest it’s so exhausting trying to “motivate” ourselves from this place.

If we are doing things from a place of fear and pain and trying to fix ourselves or a problem – focusing on the issue, (rather than feeling inspired about what we are creating – focusing on the outcome we wish to create), it just doesn’t give us the emotional fuel for the journey, and the second you get the result, (if you do get the result) you more than likely won’t sustain the focus and habits you did to get you there, because it’s coming from a constant state of push and fear.

This creates a yo-yo effect. When we get the result, only to return back to where we were previously, then work really hard again from a place of fear, get the result, then fall back again…..

Ever put on and lost the same 5-10kgs again and again???

I know I’ve definitely done that.

And it wasn’t until I shifted my deeper reason and came from doing these actions from a place of self-worth and loving and accepting myself as I was already, that the game changed significantly for me.

The same is true in any area of life, be it health, relationships, money, etc….

Taking action from a place of feeling whole already, loving who you are, as you are right now, is exciting, joyous, exhilarating, and inspiring.

You will feel aligned and excited to take action, not trying to push and motivate yourself from a place of fear…..

And life will become exciting and enjoy the journey, rather than be full of fear, pushing, striving, and trying to get away from pain and the fear of failure.

What do you truly desire?

Why is that important for you?

Why would it bring you so much joy, growth, and expansion?

What’s one thing you could do today, that takes you closer to that?

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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