Are you waking up feeling exhausted, tired and just over it all?

Are you experiencing massive brain fog and just not being able to think at all?

I used to wake up, make a cuppa and sit with my pen and notepad in hand and would just stare blankly at the page in front of me.

I couldn’t for the life of me, get my brain to work.

It felt like my head was stuffed full of cottonwool…..


This can cause massive amounts of lost confidence.

Confidence in ourself,

Confidence in our abilities,

Confidnence that we have the energy that we need to do the things we want to and feel are important to us.

Confidence in who we are.


One of the hardest things I found for myself going through massive burnout, was how much it shattered my confidence and self-belief and my ability to think clearly, make decisions and prioritise with ease.

I’d gone from a highly driven, self-motivated, dynamic leader in my business, to feeling that even cooking tea, doing everyday tasks or preparing basic meals was incredibly overwhelming.

I was terrified that this was how it was going to be for me, going forwards.

I felt totally inept at running my business.

I was drowning with the voice of my inner critic, constantly berating me for not doing enough.


Healing the four key areas: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual were so incredibly important to being able to regain and reclaim my health, energy, vitality and best of all, getting my old self (now more wiser self) back again!!

Being able to wake up, feel amazing and excited about my life again and having the confidence to be who I fully am, make great decisions and prioritise with ease again, has been such a gift!


There are several parts to healing burnout and in today’s short 6 min video I share some tips on reducing inflammation. Click below to watch the video!

Watch it here!

Reducing inflammation in the body is absolutely so important, it will help to regain a clear mind and to help increase physical energy again.

The 4 highest causes of inflammation are: Sugar, Gluten, Dairy and Stress.

Knowing what and how to substitute certain foods is so important to be able to make these changes in a sustainable and maintainable way. Something I had to learn when I was trying to heal over 113 food intolerances and allergies!!!


So many women have told me over the years, I know what to do, I’m just not doing it and it breaks my heart to see women so depleted, knowing what they should do, but still not implementing for months and years because of the three things below…..

Why you are struggling to implement change….

  1. You are completely exhausted and have virtually no energy left, so creating change feels so difficult and feels incredibly overwhelming at this stage. Having an expert team guiding you and supporting you is incredibly important.
  2. You believe you have to change everything at once, otherwise you are failing and you continually beat yourself up, further depleting your own energy, because you believe you “should be better at this, or you should be doing more.”

(Perfectionism – which is a major cause and perpetuator of burnout. This keeps women stuck, for years and is from the coping mechanism of the high functioning/ A type personality that tends to have an all or nothing attitude. (black and white thinking) – Healing this coping mechanism, is paramount to heal burnout and to not go back through repeating cycles of burnout. (Not to mention finally freeing yourself from the relentless mean voice of the inner critic!)

  1. You have unconscious or conscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck and continue to recreate the same situations over and over again in your life, that keep you in burnout.

Because you’ve lived them for so long, you don’t even realise they are beliefs you can change, because they feel so true for you. Until we consciously start to unpack these beliefs and create more empowering supportive beliefs, our life remains the same.

(I don’t have time to rest, I feel guilty for resting, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I can’t stop otherwise everything will fall apart, I have to be there for everybody, I can’t rest until it’s all done.)


If you are completely done with being on the treadmill, feeling that you don’t know how to get off it, but feel that there’s no way that you can keep on going the way you are, then I truly invite you to book your Complimentary Breakthrough Burnout Call with me.

In our 45 minute session you will discover what the REAL reason is that is keeping you stuck and not implementing what you know you need to do for you.

This is key to healing burnout.

Click below to book your call with me today, limited spots are available.

Click here to book your call with me today, limited spots available.

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