Are your beliefs exhausting you?


Every single day, you are experiencing your life, through the lenses of your own personal beliefs…. 

We all have things that we believe;

About Ourself, 

About The World,

About Money,

About People,

About Men, 

About Women, 

About Relationships

About Life, 

About our Experiences….. 


We are MEANING MAKING humans!

This is what we are UNCONSCIOUSLY doing all of the time.

An event or experience happens and we unconsciously assign meaning to it…. 

And when you are not aware of what personal beliefs are running your life, 

These meanings can be extremely disempowering. 


If we have a belief that “Things never work out for me”, a challenge may present in our life and we will assign a meaning to it, that is “I told you so, this ALWAYS happens to me…” And we will see the worst in that experience. 

Someone with a belief that “Life is an adventure” the same challenge may present in their life and they will assign a meaning to it, such as “I wonder how I’m going to grow from this?” 

Exactly the same event, yet two radically different experiences and perceptions and therefore responses to that event.

One creates victimhood, exhaustion and a feeling of powerlessness, the other creates empowerment, resilience, fortitude and growth….. 

Life is ALWAYS giving us the experiences we need in order to have the SOUL GROWTH that we intended to on this earth. 

That may be challenging to hear, it took me years to embrace that concept after my Mum passed away and my marriage broke down. Yet at a deep soul level, I now understand that. 

I couldn’t be who I am today, without those experiences, and that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to have my Mum back in her physical presence in a heartbeat, of course I would. But I do know with all my heart, that I was meant to have that experience. 

Our beliefs are continually shaping the way we experience the world and how we react, respond and interact with the world. 

Therefore, our beliefs are continually shaping the way we FEEL every single DAY and the ACTION that we do or don’t take…. 


Therefore, they are literally controlling how we CREATE our LIFE.

What we think that we CAN and CAN’T have.

What we BELIEVE is or isn’t possible for us.

What we ALLOW ourself or don’t ALLOW ourself to have. 


Are your beliefs EMPOWERING you? 

Do your beliefs SUPPORT what you are wanting to CREATE?

Are you CLEAR on what you believe about MONEY?

About LIFE?
About MEN?
About WOMEN?

If you are continually experiencing hardship and repeated cycles and patterns in an area of life, ask yourself, “What would I have to believe, in order to have created this in my life?”

This is the question to ask yourself, to start to set yourself free and get clear on the beliefs that you need to release.

The next step is “What would I need to believe, to create what I want in this area of my life?

So many women who are exhausted, burnt out and have literally got nothing left in the tank, have so many unconscious beliefs that keep them in this perpetual cycle. These become things that they are telling themselves every single day.

Beliefs such as: 

I have to work hard or I don’t deserve it.

I am responsible for everyone and everything.

I have to take responsibility, nobody else will.

It’s always left up to me.

I’m all alone.

There’s no one else here to support me.

I have to take care of everyone else first.

I can’t rest until it’s all done.


Clearing and releasing these beliefs and instilling the beliefs that truly are SUPPORTIVE of creating amazing HEALTH and a life that you LOVE is absolutely ESSENTIAL, for creating change.

This is just a tiny yet powerful part of the HEALING work that I do with my Gorgeous clients.

It is so FREEING to no longer have these thoughts and beliefs running your life. 

It puts YOU back in the DRIVER’S SEAT…. 


If you would like to know what your BIGGEST LIMITING BELIEF is that is HOLDING you back and keeping you in a perpetual cycle of EXHAUSTION and BURNOUT, then book your FREE 45 MIN BREAKTHROUGH BURNOUT call with me today.

Click here Now!

With Love & Blessings, 

Sal x

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