Are your coping mechanisms actually perpetuating burnout and exhaustion?

Our ego survival mind is absolutely designed to protect us and keep us safe. It does that by creating coping mechanisms to help us deal with a situation or circumstance that we were powerless to change.

In order to minimise the pain and suffering we experience, our mind creates the coping strategies of denial and disassociation.

These two feed each other, minimising body sensation, not being in tune with how we really feel, minimising and invalidating emotions and feelings, often not even being aware of how truly exhausted, hungry, or tired we are.

This is also known as the shiny, happy face syndrome and is like sticking a big happy smiley sticker over the empty fuel tank of a car.

When we are in denial and disassociation, it can massively perpetuate burnout, as we are not in touch with the true reality we are experiencing.

We often dismiss signs, and symptoms that we are not feeling well, that we are super exhausted and often don’t let others know, as we don’t want to worry anyone or let them down.

This makes it an extraordinary lonely journey, when we literally feel like there is nothing left on the inside,
Yet nobody else can see what’s really happening, because we’ve become so good at masking it.

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Please reach out to me if you identify with the above. As I mentioned in the video, it often comes as a result of unhealed trauma, and absolutely can perpetuate burnout, to the point that it is difficult to get out of bed.

The worse your burnout gets, the more chance it has of negatively impacting your relationships, your long-term health, your ability to earn an income, and worse still it takes longer to heal.

Let’s get you back to feeling incredible again, healing your body, mind, and soul, and reclaiming your health energy, and life.

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With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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