Authenticity is completely dependent on your Courage to be Vulnerable

My level of authenticity is completely dependent on my courage to be vulnerable, which is based upon my level of self-love and acceptance at the time.

Self-love truly is the key to everything we desire in life.

Falling in love with every single piece of yourself, the shadow and the light, the so called “good and bad”.

Because in truth it all serves you, it’s in your greatest moments of sadness, that you ask for more happiness, it’s in your greatest moments of powerless and despair that you ask for more empowerment, freedom and connection to your own internal power.

It’s in the moments of trial that you develop your greatest strengths, tenacity, resilience and determination.

Being our unique authentic self can appear to take loads of courage, simply because we seem to be “risking it all,” to put our real self out there, for judgement of other people’s agreeance or not, for other people’s resonance or not. (If we are buying into our ego/survival mind we may actually believe that judgement exists, which in truth, judgement is really just a fear based illusion.)

And as humans we tend to spend a lot of time pushing against what does not resonate, what we don’t agree with, what doesn’t fit for us, for our own sense of self, instead of utilising the contrast as a leverage point for clarity in deciding and therefore focusing on what it is that we truly want to experience and create instead.

Our innate need and hardwiring of our ego/survival mind can make it difficult to step out of trying to fit in and belong, of wanting others to understand us, of wanting to be accepted.

Therefore if we are living from our head, in protection mode, fear and scarcity – over thinking, over analysing, it will always cause distress to say something in stark contrast to other people’s opinions, to “rock the boat” to not just “smile and be nice”.

To be able to step into our truest state, our truest heart and take it all in, love it all, find value and appreciation for it all, knowing that whatever you are receiving is all just feedback, for what we are believing or feeling internally.

We have the most brilliant opportunity in relationships to heal deeply, and if we believe our ego/survival mind that others “can hurt us”, others can “control us”, that we need others “approval” it will always have you on a rocky platform, because now your sense of security, your sense of “ok-ness” is all dependent on someone else’s behaviour and or response and that makes us feel wildly out of control.

When we are in this state our first instinct if we are in our ego/survival mind is, to want to control back, we push back out of resistance, wanting to prove, wanting to defend, wanting to guard our opinions, thoughts or beliefs, and yet when we come from our heart, we can absorb it all, knowing everyone is honestly just projecting their own beliefs, thoughts and rules onto everyone else.

The most hilarious thing is that we are all giving each other our own medicine, we want others to be a particular way, “they should be kinder, they should accept me, they shouldn’t be so rude, they should love me, they should have better manners, they shouldn’t be so bossy or controlling….”

These are all of our own rules for ourself, in who we need to be and how we believe that we should be living, and the even funnier part of this, is most of these rules, never even came from our self.

They came from well meaning people in our lives, mostly adults, parents, or people we perceived were authority figures.

Most of the time we haven’t even questioned these beliefs to see if they truly serve us in life or not.

And the most challenging part of all of this, is that some of these beliefs are so deeply, deeply engrained that we actually genuinely believe them to be true with a very rigid mindset, then project that onto everyone else, believing that we know the “right way to live or be”.

The truth, our OWN internal real truth does not need to be defended, it doesn’t even need to be spoken, there’s no need to justify it, to prove it, or to try and convince others of it.

When you are in touch with your own internal truth, when you are truly living from your heart, in that moment, it is a quiet knowing, it is a quiet and calm, serene and peaceful feeling.

It is a feeling of wholeness, a feeling of deep love and acceptance of self and of others and where they are at and what they are experiencing through their own unique perception. There is no “right or wrong” in any of it.

This is the space where true authenticity arises so naturally, so easily, and with complete stability.

For it is only ever the ego/survival mind that feels vulnerable, in its fear-based beliefs of desperately wanting certainty, safety and control. All of which cannot be attained anywhere, or with anyone in a true sense, except from ourselves internally.

When we naturally align and live from our heart, now we are aligned with our own self-love. Now it is easier and easier to convey our feelings, our truths, our desires from a true place of authenticity.

However, self-love is not a one time certificate, it’s not a place that you get to and suddenly you are there forever, just as happiness fluctuates, self-love is an “in the moment thing.” However, the more you “practise it” the more you “feel into it” the more you can experience it again and again and more importantly recognise when you are living from your ego/survival mind or from your heart.

Self-love always gives you a safe and sacred place to belong.Self-love always helps you to know your own personal boundaries in what is and isn’t ok for you.Self-love always shines the light for you with your own inner guidance.Self-love always lets you know when things are off or when you are not living your internal truth.Self-love always values you.
Self-love always respects you.
Self-love always forgives you.
Self-love always accepts every single part of you.
Self-love is always, always, always holding the light of truth, that you are whole, healed, complete, lovable, brilliant, amazing and perfect exactly the way that you are right now and also assists you to continue your adventure and soul growth to continue evolving.
Self-love is your greatest gift to yourself.
Self-love is your greatest gift to others.
Self-love is your greatest gift to the world.

Your inner being loves you more than you could ever possibly know.

It is always there for you, holding the light, for you to align with it.

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox


Dear Gorgeous Soul, I absolutely know the pain of living for years and years and years from my ego/survival mind, I know the all consuming stress, fear, scarcity and anxiety that it creates.

The constant fear around not having enough money, the constant fear of not feeling enough, the constant fear of not fitting in and belonging with others, the constant stress of living from a fight/flight adrenal response.

If you are tired, if you are exhausted and you want to learn how to live from a place of feeling enough and feeling that you absolutely have enough, to tune into living from your heart, of living from ease, grace and flow, of feeling a level of joy, peace and connection within yourself that is indescribable, then PM me now.

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