Be Kind to You…

Just a really gentle reminder to be kind…..
Especially to yourself.

I realized when I took some time to reflect this morning, that I’m juggling a lot right now.

I’ve had some plans recently shift, and while it’s all exciting and wonderful,
Sometimes it can take a bit of adjustment when things change.

As women, we can tend to also be holding a lot of space for our loved ones,
We become so flexible and adaptable to everyone else’s needs, that we can end up losing ourselves a little (or a lot) in the process.

It’s so important to pause,
To check-in,
Put your hand on your heart and really ask yourself,
What do I need for myself today?

When I did that for myself this morning,
I needed to feel held.
I needed to feel that I had me,
That I had my own back, and that I was there for me.

This meant taking time to pause,
Time to slow down today,
And to not put any pressure on myself, for the amount of things that I needed to do.

It meant creating spaciousness in my day, feeling the sun on my face,
To enjoy a lovely cuppa,

To put my hand on my heart to feel grateful as a reminder of all the things that are constantly unfolding around me in my life in wonderful ways.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or feel that you are juggling a lot right now, I truly invite you to check in with yourself.

How are you really feeling?
What do you truly need today?
What’s one thing that you might be able to implement or do for yourself today?

(Remember pausing and reflecting allows you the space to adjust, or consciously choose how much you are doing, or what you expect of yourself each day. This means that long term, it helps you be much more sustainable in your energy, without burning yourself out.)

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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