Breakdown or Breakthrough?

I’ve often pre-judged major events in my life that have been so challenging and hard that it feels like a breakdown.

A breakdown of my health.

A breakdown of a relationship.

A breakdown of finances.

A breakdown of my business.

EVERY single one of these situations, LED to a BREAKTHROUGH…..

Life is ALWAYS calling us forward.

It shows us that SUSTAINABILITY is the most important path.

Life will always support that which creates MORE LIFE.

The breakdown of my health led me to my BREAKTHROUGH of a more sustainable way of operating and being in the world.

Truly listening to my body, honouring my feminine cycle, healing the limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck in cycles of exhaustion, pushing, and trying to prove I was enough.

The breakdown of my relationship led me to my BREAKTHROUGH of getting really clear on who I was, what was important to me, and what I REALLY desired to experience in my intimate partnership with another.

Knowing what my values are, learning self-love as the foundation of any relationship, living authentically true to myself, and being completely honest about what is and isn’t ok for me. Letting go of needing others’ approval.

The breakdown of my finances led me to my BREAKTHROUGH of figuring out my money blocks, learning a better strategy of working with money, and building a business that I absolutely love, that creates freedom and the ability to work from anywhere, with soul mate clients.

Clearing money blocks, establishing multiple income streams, and leveraging my time and money.

The breakdown of my business, led me to my BREAKTHROUGH of diversifying in platforms, re-discovering my passion for my work again, dropping me back into my heart centre, and reminding me of my Life’s purpose.

It made me re-evaluate the way I’d been operating, clearly limiting beliefs and stories about business and what it meant for me….

The reason I share this is, we all go through seasons, of breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Who’s been through a breakdown?

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, to be able to reflect back on our more challenging and difficult times and see what a gift that actually was, that helped me become who I am today.

Without all of my breakdowns, I wouldn’t have had the inclination or the desire to find a different way.

I wouldn’t have learnt the rock-solid resilience I have.

I wouldn’t have learnt the confidence that comes from knowing, no matter what I can figure things out.

I wouldn’t have received the many, many gifts that all of these challenges gave me.

So, if you are going through a breakdown currently, I want to send you love.

It’s challenging and can feel so overwhelming at the time.

And I want to remind you, that you’ve got this.

You are a divine creator.

Get clear on the outcome you desire.

And then ask yourself what is this showing me?

Who do I need to become in order to overcome this situation?

How do I need to grow?

What new skills do I need to develop?

Life is always helping us; become the person we truly are.

It helps us to peel back the layers.

It helps us to unlearn the programming and belief systems that have kept us stuck.

It helps us to powerfully declare, who we are from our soul.

It helps us to reveal our natural light from within and share that with the world.

Oceans of Love,

Sal x


If you are having a breakdown of your health, this can honestly be a super scary time. Not only is it exhausting but can often impact EVERY OTHER AREA of your life.

From your relationships, particularly the ones with your intimate partner and your kids, your finances and ability to feel confident and trust in your clarity of mind to make decisions, and your day-to-day energy and enjoyment of life.

It’s very difficult to show up as the best version of ourself when we are tired, in a funk, experiencing brain fog, feeling overwhelmed, dreaded, and anxious before the day even begins…..

I’ve spent years and thousands of $$$, working on, experimenting, and finding the 4 Key principles that are the most effective and truly have been the reason that I’ve reclaimed my health and well-being.

I share all of it with you, in my 12-Week Thrive Program. It’s the pathway back to health, out of overwhelming, burnout, and exhaustion.

You will know exactly what the root cause of your exhaustion is, you will learn the skills and tools to shift this entirely and get the physical support that your body needs to heal itself and in just 12 weeks you will be so thrilled with the transformation you have experienced. (Well, that’s what my clients tell me!)

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