Breaking Free….

This morning I woke up at 5.45am and my body felt a little slow.

Just a few short years ago I would of pushed through,

I would have had a few cups of coffee and just got on with it.

This morning I stopped.

I checked in with my body.

And I went back to bed.

No guilt, no pressure, just feeling free, loved and taken care of by myself.

Knowing that when I feel amazing, my life, my abundance, my results all flow so easily.

I am so beyond grateful that I’ve created the space and time in my life, in my business, to be able to do this.

Healing my body from burnout has been a continual work in progress,

Even though I’m light years away from where I was when I could only function for 2 hours a day,

Sometimes my old patterns of pushing, of doing more, of taking on bigger and bigger challenges,

Can sometimes start to creep back in.

I’m so much more aware now and I no longer mask it with coffee,

Or just pushing through.

And I know that my beliefs and the pressure I sometimes put on myself create a truckload of resistance in my body.

Our mind is so powerful.

It can help our body to heal, or it can destroy our body with stress…..

That’s incredible in itself!!

And what many women don’t realise, it’s our day to day thoughts that are doing this…..

Thoughts that cause overwhelm, such as I’ve got too much to do, I haven’t got enough done, I should be doing more.

Thoughts that cause pressure such as: I’ve got to be there for everyone, everyone needs my help, I can’t let others down or disappoint them.

Thoughts that cause grief, anger and resentment such as: I’m all alone, there’s no one here for me, it’s all on my shoulders, it’s all my fault, I’m the one that has to do it all.

Thoughts that cause paralyse and inability to take action: such as I’m not good enough, I’m a failure, I can’t do it, I can’t handle it, it’s just too much…..

Understanding our thought patterns and the emotions and the bodily response’s they produce is so important for becoming a master of your own mind.

So many beautiful women with the biggest hearts ever, also carrying so much guilt and shame, because they feel others pain deeply, but have not yet learnt how to have good energetic boundaries and the ability to discern between there’s and others emotions.

CARE, don’t CARRY…..

This is truly what’s set me free over the years and helped me to heal my body.

Was it always cruisy and easy?


Did I have to learn to be ok with confronting and challenging conversations?


Did I have to learn how to navigate and discover my own boundaries?


Did I have to learn how to unpack and elicit my own thoughts and beliefs that were causing me distress?


Did I invest in mentors and coaches that supported me to be aware of my “blindspots” and to do the above?


Growth does not feel comfortable and especially when we are burnt out and exhausted, our ego survival mind can absolutely be in a state of hypervigilance, where everything and everyone can feel like a threat to our nervous system.

But that is the issue right?

Until we get that under control and really support our body and nervous system to feel safe with appropriate boundaries, for our inner child to know we are going to stand up for her and be there for her and no longer self-abandon to appease others, then it will perpetuate burnout.

Breaking free from all of the above thoughts, brings so much peace, brings so much clarity, brings so much wholeness, and support and love from myself, for myself that life feels joyous again.

It honestly is the best feeling in the world, to know how to shift these things, moment to moment,

To return to my authentic inner truth.

To rest into the peace, the support the love,

That is always available to us,

From our higher self.

Being able to connect with that,

To feel that and to surrender into that,

Means all fear drops away,

And the deep knowing arises from within that you are deeply loved,






With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

P.S. If you are absolutely ready to get the tools, the skills the knowledge to help you break free from burnout, to be able to create the space and time in your own life, to love on and take care of your body, your mind, your emotions and your soul, then it’s time for you to break free Gorgeous.

I invite you to book your call with me today, let’s support you back to wellbeing, health and wholeness again. You absolutely deserve it. Limited spots left, click the button below to book today!

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