Choose your consequences consciously

Choose your consequences consciously…. 

Every single action we take or don’t take has a natural set of consequences. 

This is the law of cause and effect, everything we do, think, or believe is a cause, for the effect that will occur.

When we are acting from unconscious programming, we often don’t take into consideration the actual consequences that may happen for our actions or non-action.

The more awareness you have of the choices you make each day and the natural consequences that occur in your life as a result of those choices, the more empowered you become.

When we remain unconscious or unaware of our behaviours, we also may remain unaware or feel powerless to the consequences of those behaviours that we experience in our life.

We may not speak our truth with someone, the natural consequence for that is the person may misunderstand us or may not know what it is that we truly want, simply because we have not communicated that. Or they may feel deeply betrayed and hurt and the situation breaks trust down in that relationship.

We may emotionally react unconsciously to what someone has said to us, the consequence of that is that we react without thinking about how our behaviour may impact someone else, or say things in the heat of the moment, that is damaging or harmful to ourselves, to others and or to the relationship.

We may continue to remain unconscious with particular addictions, habits, or behaviours such as, emotionally eating and the natural consequence may be putting on unwanted kg’s, diabetes, or lower self-esteem, guilt, and shame. 

The list is endless when we are unconsciously allowing our past programming to drive us and remaining unaware of the consequences that continue to repeat themselves as a result of this. 

It is in this situation that we often blame others or blame the situation or environment for what continues to occur, instead of taking full self-responsibility for why this keeps showing up in our life.

When we consciously choose our consequences, we can more easily anticipate, or think through what the natural set of consequences may be and make a more conscious choice in choosing what it is that we are creating in our life. 

This is also most important in the area of setting boundaries. 

This has been an area, where I’ve continued to do deep inner work on myself.
Because my unconscious programming of being a people pleaser, occasionally gets in the way of me speaking my truthfully or upholding my boundaries. 

The consequences for me not upholding my boundaries is a diminished sense of self, loss of physical energy and vitality, and often anger and resentment can play out, impacting relationships, loss of happiness, joy, and the full expression of who I am, not to mention my own personal integrity.

By consciously choosing the consequences of speaking my truth and upholding my values, I set myself free and create greater self-respect, self-love, and honesty with myself and others. 

It also means that sometimes people may be upset with me, or even hurt depending on their perceptions of what they make that mean. 

Our greatest fears with setting boundaries are; losing belonging, safety, or being perceived as being a “good person”. 

Having others perceive you as a good person, yet living in anger and resentment is not what I would call truly loving to yourself or to others. 

This is why getting really clear and honest in yourself and being willing to express that, is the most loving thing that you can do for yourself and others. And will continue to create greater alignment by attracting people to you, that are truly supportive of who you are and your goals and dreams.

By choosing your consequences consciously you can be prepared for what may occur and consciously choose how you want to respond to those consequences with greater awareness, love, and compassion for self and others. 

This is true empowerment. 


It takes a certain level of emotional maturity to also do this and hold the space for others to do this. 

This is where having true emotional wisdom and mastery is absolutely essential for creating great relationships and living a life that you love. 

You absolutely deserve to have relationships that support you in being your best self. 

And you also have the power to create this for yourself. 


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways, 

Sal xox



If you are burnt out, exhausted, and tired, chances are that you may be struggling to know and articulate your own personal boundaries with yourself and with others. 

This means that we are not living from the full truth of who we are, and it takes tremendous energy to stay in these situations, which is why burnout occurs in the first place. 

Often these patterns play out from unhealed trauma and deep fears of not being loved or not being loving if you were to uphold your boundaries.

The fear of being perceived as selfish drives guilt and shame which disables the ability to uphold boundaries and to make the changes necessary in our life to be fully sustainable. To create a life that fully honours you and is respectful of your divine self and the unique, precious and vital role that you are here to play on planet earth. 

If you know this is you, please book your call with me today to see if and how I may be able to help you set clear boundaries, reclaim your health and passion for life, love yourself deeply, and set yourself free. Click the button below to book now, limited places available.
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