Clear and Aligned!

When we get clear and aligned!

I’m so epically excited, I’ve just put things in place and I will be receiving $2959 passive income this month and that will be compounding over time, to eventually fully replace my entire business income within 12 months…. (6 Figure Biz)

(Also don’t worry if you are a current client, – I love what I do and I’ll still be running my biz and working with my beautiful clients! Just excited to also create a completely passive income too!)

Having alternative sources of income is not only incredible for financial stability and certainty, but also to be able to rest when we need to, especially if you are burnt out and exhausted.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’d been feeling out of alignment in an area of my life, this was namely my business, I love what I do, but have been feeling that the way I’ve been doing it wasn’t working for me at all.

Some tweaks, some adjustments and all I can say is I am massively back in flow.

This is such an important factor to healing burnout also! Resistance, feeling out of alignment, living from stress and fear creates so much exhaustion.

And with alignment, everything flows easier, especially money!

I’ve had so many aligned souls reach out to me in this last week, wanting to work together, and it has all happened so organically and feels incredible.

I’ve let go of needing to have outcomes and just deeply surrendered even more to the feeling of flow and then taking the aligned action from there.

I feel so incredibly spacious internally.

I feel like I’m back knowing and believing and most of all FEELING that everything is possible AND I feel so damn excited and happy in this present moment, I have no attachment to outcomes.

I know this is the SWEET SPOT!

Anytime I’ve very consciously and intentionally manifested outcomes, THIS is the energy I am in.

It feels delicious,

It feels energising and exciting,

It feels spacious,

It feels like pure inspiration to take action,

It feels enlivening!

Opening up to the possibilities of how life will and does guide us, back to our inner truth is so important.

And this absolutely includes embracing our messy, raw emotions….

Receiving the gift that they are, and what they are showing you and telling you about what is and isn’t ok for you.

So I just wanted to say, if you are feeling out of whack,

If you are feeling exhausted and depleted,

If you are feeling things are off kilter,

If you are feeling out of alignment,

It’s so human and it’s so normal,

We all go through it at times,

And if you are even a tiny bit sensitive to the energies,

You will know it’s been a crazy time energetically for so many,

We are all being called forward,

To embrace greater personal alignment,

To live our authentic truth,

To step into our power and to truly be who we really are and share our magical and potent gifts with the world.

It’s time.

And this is alff so I the KEY to healing burnout.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

P.S. If you feel called to Re-Align your energies and get clarity, (I’ve got two more spots left) or you’d love to know what I’m doing to create passive income, hit me up in my DM’s.

Big love xx


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