Connection to love…

Wrapping my spirit up in its warm blanket.

A constant source of guidance and support.

A feathered nest to lay thy weary head, in times of darkness.

A breath, a glimmer of hope,

As the newness of the day dawns on the horizon,


A sparkle.

A light far off in the distance, leading me to unknown lands,

But I trust.

This time deeply.



There is nothing I am searching for,
As it is already deep within.

A fullness expands into the contentedness of who I am.

Constantly evolving and growing, yet remaining solid and stable.

A joy flickers inside, with the feeling of knowing that I am becoming who I always wanted to be.

I am already, that which is in me.


The days of dreary drop away, as a new excitement,

Fills me.

Warms And expands with me.

It radiates from me, contagious and infectious.

Like a giggle in a reverent setting,

That can no longer be contained.


I am the lightness and the joy of living.

Giving way to the unknown and the uncertainty,

And embracing the risk, the adventure the daring.

Courage fills my soul as I leap off the highest mountain and Soar…


In the lightness of my Joy.


Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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