Denial and dissociation

This is something I feel passionate about addressing because it keeps people in an incredible state of pain without them being consciously aware of it…..

Both of these are coping mechanisms, that many women have taken on in their childhood as a way of coping with their circumstances.

Whenever we didn’t feel safe, attuned to, or cared about, dissociation, is a way that the mind tries to protect us. Because as a child, you can’t leave, (not physically) so the one way we can minimise the impact of an event is through dissociation.

If you often feel vague, ungrounded, a bit clumsy, and run into things occasionally, chances are you are dissociated in your body.

This also has a massive impact on our physical health, because we become dissociated from what our body really needs, things like sleep, regular meals, water, and exercise all become turned down and tuned out.

And denial and dissociation work together, to keep us numb to the real situation, and our real feelings about it, as a way of coping.

Denial is putting the big shiny, happy face on, while underneath you’re not ok.

Denial is saying that “I’m ok, everything is fine” when anyone checks in with you and can feel or sense that you’re not ok.

Denial is saying to yourself, “I’ve just got to push through this, and then things will get better.”

Denial is continually seeing someone’s potential and who they could be, or who you want them to be, and ignoring the current behaviours, or minimising the impact it’s having on you.

Dissociation is checking out, mentally and emotionally.

It’s feeling disconnected as if you are just drifting.

It’s feeling a lack of connection to your true most authentic self.

It’s minimising or not even recognising your own needs such as exhaustion, hunger, or thirst, or not overdoing it.

Dissociation and denial can keep us stuck in these patterns for years because in truth we actually deny how bad the circumstance really is.

People can live in this state, with 5-10 years passing by, never really living, never really feeling happy or satisfied, but not knowing what’s missing, or what’s really going on.

Confronting the reality of your situation and UNDERSTANDING the CONSEQUENCES of your current actions and what you are settling for, or perhaps tolerating that you shouldn’t be, (either from someone else or even yourself) IS the KEY to setting you FREE.

However, most people go to extraordinary lengths to avoid their pain.

Smoking, drinking, gambling, overspending, emotionally eating, overworking, and doing anything to actually avoid their real feelings.

I emotionally ate for years and years, until I finally was able to confront and understand the source of why I did that and heal it.

Getting REAL with how you really feel and the impact it’s having on you, is the first step to healing.

Until then, we will just keep pretending that it’s ok, it’s not so bad, and it’ll get better…..

Without ever taking the actions to truly change the situation.

You deserve to love your life.

You are inherently worthy.

Good health and energy are your birthrights.

It’s time to set yourself free and reclaim your inner power!

If you are done with being on the hamster wheel, if you know deep down those things absolutely need to change for good, if you are ready to say yes to you and all that you desire and want to create in your life, I have one more place for 1:1 coaching with me.

Get ready to transform your life,

Get ready to shift your beliefs,

Get ready to expand,

Get ready to become the best version of yourself,

Get ready to step into your power and truly take the action steps you need, to change your life.

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Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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