Do this to experience more happiness!

Yesterday I talked about how as humans our brains were built for survival and protection, not for flourishing and feeling great!

That’s our heart’s job!

Helping us expand into more love and possibility! And here is my part 2 from yesterday. Making it harder to feel bad! We tend to have super easy ways of feeling bad and have really difficult rules to feel good.

So, one of the ways that we can make it harder to feel bad (so you can spend more time feeling good,) is to make the rules bigger and stronger for feeling bad.

Therefore, if you have a habit of feeling guilty for the smallest of things, such as resting, or putting your own needs first, then you make the rule much bigger.

Meaning, I only will feel guilty if I’ve consistently and intentionally hurt people all day long. Or I will only feel failure, if I completely and absolutely give up entirely for weeks on end, on my dreams and goals.

I share more in today’s live video which you can watch by clicking the button below!

Watch it here!

Getting intentional and conscious about the rules that we have for dictating how we feel day to day, is so important and makes such a difference when you bring this new level of self-awareness to the game of life.

Get clear on how you wish to experience the Christmas period and intentionally do something every day that supports you to feel this emotion.

With loads of love and blessings,

Sal x


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