Do you believe you “should do more?”

Every day I was waking up feeling a sense of dread, overwhelm, and exhaustion in trying to face the day.

I wanted to get back to feeling amazing, to feeling in flow, to feeling excited about my life again.

Yet I looked around and everywhere I looked I saw things that I hadn’t done, or that needed doing…..

I felt like a failure.

Every day, I told myself I’d get it all done and get back on top of things again, yet I’d feel sick at the thought of it and the pressure I felt inside by saying that to myself.

I felt like I just should be more motivated.

I felt so overwhelmed by all of the unrealistic expectations I’d placed on myself.

When I actually added up the time to complete those tasks, it would equal 18 hours on some days!

Yet I still felt the pressure to attempt to get it all done.

Seems insane right?

All these thoughts swam in my head daily…..

I should do more,

I should be better and more productive,

I should use my time better,

I should get more done in a day,

These beliefs and thoughts were creating continual exhaustion in my body, I was living from fear, lack and scarcity and feeling that I wasn’t good enough, or doing enough.

It pushes our adrenal glands continually to keep creating adrenaline and cortisol. This eventually takes us into burnout.

I realised that I had to change these thoughts.

They became:

I choose,

I can,

I am excited to….

This shifted huge amounts of fear, into inspiration.

I also decided to stop punishing myself and to celebrate everything I got done, instead of all the things I hadn’t….

And I created 3 priorities for each day, instead of 20…..

I realised I had to shift the unconscious programming that had created these drivers in my life.

They were all about safety.

They were all about needing approval and seeking control.

I came back to living in alignment, flow, joy, and ease.

I attracted things lining up for me and working out.

I felt so grateful, and excited to be living from my heart not my head again.

It’s taken some time, old programming occasionally still plays out.

Yet there’s something so freeing, about knowing that at any point, I have the power to change this for myself again.

Shoulding on ourself, hurts our soul, it hurts our psyche, it diminishes our self-confidence and self-belief.

Yet this programming was at one time in our life, resourceful for us. It was an attempt to feel safe and regain control.

Until this programming and trauma and beliefs are healed, it’s like being stuck on a hamster wheel.

It creates incredible resistance in the body and makes it harder and harder to focus, feel motivated, and excited…..

Making us feel more and more depleted, more and more fearful and layers in feelings of failure and powerlessness and massively impacts our self-esteem.

It’s time to set yourself free Gorgeous….

What are you saying to yourself daily that you “should do”?

If this has been a long-standing pattern for you, if you are so sick

and tired of feeling sick and tired, you know what you need to do…..

Book your call with me today hun, let’s get you out of this cycle, just like my clients have, getting back to feeling amazing, reclaiming your health, vitality, and energy and loving who you are, and celebrating every step forward!

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With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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