Do you compete or create?

This is something that is so close to my heart, as women I truly believe that we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that we need to “compete” in order to have what we want in life.

Competing with others is masculine energy.

And whilst there is nothing wrong at all with masculine energy, I love it and use it intentionally daily for focus, drive and completing my “doing” activities, when we believe that competing with others is the only way we can have what we want in life as women, we miss out on so much.

I’ve noticed that if we believe that we have to “compete” with others, especially with other women, it puts us into scarcity, lack and fear and promotes all sorts of comparisonitis……

And for women when we live in that day in day out, we honestly end up burning out, believing we have to push, strive, hustle and try to be better than everyone else…..

I believe it’s a major part of what’s up in the world today.

Because when women are taught to compete against each other, to be honest women can become pretty vicious.

We can feel jealous, instead of celebrating other women’s successes, we can feel that we are not enough, or compare ourselves and judge ourselves and others very harshly.

We start to look at all the things on social media, about how we are not enough, or pick another woman apart, if she doesn’t look like she has what it takes, or if she seems that she’s just got lucky….

It breaks my heart…..

Not to mention with the law of attraction, if we are jealous of others, we can never attract the very thing we are jealous about!

WOMEN are frigging AMAZING!

We are born CREATORS!!

Our WOMB energy is pure CREATION at its FINEST!

From this place we create the miracle of life and “birth” many ideas and bring creative innovations to light.

Women are natural born connectors, celebrators and cheerleaders.

We are natural nurturers and empowerers…..

But when we believe that we have to compete with other women, we end up tearing each other down, instead of building and raising all women up.

This paradigm has to shift and change in our culture.

We are abundant in nature.

Resources, opportunities and what we wish to have and create are abundant and not finite (except for time on this lineal plane ) But even that can be played with, if you’re into Quantum Mechanics !

We have the most INCREDIBLE and MAGNETIC super powers!!

Yet so many women are not fully embracing this for themselves, I know it’s taken me years to embrace it at the level I do and I’m still a work in progress!!!


We have soooooo many gifts to bring into this world and we never have to compete, because when we create, we create even more ABUNDANCE!

Think about a new business. It adds MORE to the world, there is over 7 Billion people on the planet, that we can share our gifts with.

It supports families with jobs and incomes.

It supports more wealth circulating,

It supports more people having the products and services that enhance their life and make their life better.

Abundance is like love, the more you give, the more you have.

And the more you have the more you have to give.

WE get to CREATE that.

We get to BIRTH that.

We get to bring that into our reality.

And EVERYTIME you SHINE a little BRIGHTER, you are LIGHTING the way for other women.

To know what’s possible for them to CREATE and BE and DO and HAVE.

As women we need to REMEMBER, we are not here to COMPETE,

With our FEMININE MAGNETIC essences, we are here to ATTRACT, to CREATE, to FEEL and to experience JOY for our creations.

We are here to CELEBRATE other women, who are BRAVE and have STEPPED forward, not recoil in jealousy or comparison,

We are here to CHEER other women on, to support them, to raise them up, to breathe BELIEF into them, when they WAVER….

Who agrees?

This is my VISION,

THIS is what LIGHT’S my HEART up.

THIS is what I’m MOST PASSIONATE about.



To breathe BELIEF into their HEART’s and REIGNITE the FIRE In their BELLY.

If you are READY to CREATE,

If you are READY to be INSPIRED and to INSPIRE,

If you are EXCITED to SHARE your GIFTS with the WORLD,

Do you want to be part of a REVOLUTION of CELEBRATING women and TRULY MAKING an IMPACT in the WORLD?

I’m already part of the most EPIC community, where WOMEN celebrate and support WOMEN.

Where we are absolutely SUPPORTED to be STEP into the FULLEST VERSION of ourselves, where 100’s of women celebrate each other’s success.

And I’m so PASSIONATE about bringing so many WOMEN along on this JOURNEY too.

To be part of something SPECIAL in changing evolution and the current paradigm we are experiencing.

For WOMEN to THRIVE financially, creating their OWN ONLINE INCOME.

To FIND their VOICE,


And to SHARE their GIFTS with the world.


Who’s With me?

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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