Do you ever feel like a crazy puzzle?

Do you ever feel like a crazy puzzle, that you are trying to continually figure out?

Like why you do what you do, even when you’ve said you’re not going to do that anymore? 

For years I’ve been so curious about what makes us human….

What drives us, what makes us make the decisions that we do.

What impacts our health and wellbeing the most.

What improves our energy and attracts the results that we want.


I’ve been a constant learner in this space because, for years I felt so puzzled and confused by my own behaviour at times. I really wanted to understand so much more about what made me tick, what makes me make the decisions I do, both positive and negative…. 

And I don’t know about you, but I absolutely have multiple personalities living inside of me! 

One is a drill sergeant that totally kicks my butt…

One is a teensy tiny child, that gets scared and feels vulnerable, reactive and insecure at times….

One loves to work out and feel super fit, confident and active….

Another one loves rainy Sunday morning sleep ins and lots of cuddles….. 


Understanding these parts of ourself, is critical in embracing our whole self and working with these aspects of ourself, to create win/win solutions for the whole of who you are, rather than just one part constantly bulldozing the other parts of ourself. 

This is like the disciplined fit aspect arguing with the aspect of you that needs to rest.

Or the drill sergeant that’s constantly yelling at you to do more and totally annihilates your inner child that just wants to play, rest and be creative.

The truth is, we need all of these parts of ourself, it is what makes us our full unique self and these parts are actually all here to help us or protect us, in some way, shape or form.

And finding a way to work with these aspects is so important, because otherwise you will literally feel like you are fighting with yourself. This is inner conflict. When one part of you wants to do something and the other part of you is absolutely defiant in that. 

It’s like having one person pull on your right arm and another person pulling on your left arm. If this type of inner conflict is going on, it is so difficult to move forward in life. Not to mention how exhausting it is.

Knowing what each of these parts is here to do and here to help you with is an absolute gift and knowing how to integrate them all back into our main personality, creates a beautiful feeling of alignment within ourself.

It creates a feeling of wholeness, love, joy and peace. 

It creates a feeling of flow, alignment and magnetises you to your greatest dreams. 

It has your physical energy soaring, 

And best of all you will feel a greater sense of happiness every single day….. 

My 12 Week Thrive Program not only helps you to Overcome Burnout and Reclaim your Health, it gives you all the tools, skills and strategies, to truly understand yourself. 

To become whole, integrated and feel at one with yourself.

To know why you do what you do and gives you the power to change the things you wish to in your life, so that you are living life on your own terms. 

It’s way more than just getting your energy, vibrancy and joy back, it’s a healing system, that you and your family get to use on repeat for life….. 

If you are so tired of fighting with yourself, of knowing that you need to change something, but feeling so stuck, so exhausted and not knowing where to start, then book your call with me today.

Click here Now!

Let’s get you back on your path of feeling amazing, loving who you are and how you are showing up. 


With love and blessings, 

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

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