Do you feel drained by others?

Do you feel drained by others?
You may be experiencing enmeshment trauma…..

When we are growing up we are trying to figure out who we need to be, to belong, fit in, be accepted and survive in the world.

Our base survival depends on it.

This can have us diminishing, supressing or invalidating our own needs to keep others happy and can lead to long term people pleasing behaviours that can lead to feeling overly responsible for others happiness and wellbeing, putting our own needs last, or feeling guilty when we want to take care of ourself and eventually all of this takes its toll on our own wellbeing, health and energy, leading to burnout.

I share more about this in my 4 minute video below!

Watch it here!

Understanding the root causes of our belief systems that make us feel overly responsible for others happiness, or just that we have to keep going, we can’t stop, or we don’t want to disappoint others or let others down, that can keep us in cycles of burnout, fatigue and exhaustion, is imperative to being able to heal burnout long term.

Learning how to communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries and move out of the coping mechanism of denial and disassociation (Putting on a brave face) helps us to be more in touch with what our own needs are, so that you can refill your cup and give from a sustainable energy.

This is so important if you are an introvert or feel drained or impacted by others around you.

I address all of this and WAY MORE in my NEW 28 Day Mini Thrive Course!

Where you will:

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Taking 100% Self-Responsibility for your own wellbeing, health and healing is the only way to truly set yourself free long term.

It is possible and so important as our health impacts EVERY AREA OF OUR LIFE.

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With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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