Do you feel exhausted and depleted when you spend too much time with people?

The more sensitive you are, the more this will be important to you.

Are you an empath?

Do you feel that you take on the pain of others and feel what they are feeling so deeply?
Do you feel that you have no idea, how to stop that?

For the longest time, I had no idea that I was an empath, I actually didn’t even know that what I was feeling was often not my own feelings, until I was 23 years old.

Talk about confusing Right?!

Knowing what emotions are mine and what others are feeling, is one of the bigger challenges that I’ve experienced being a highly sensitive empath. Compounded by feeling that I needed to be helping everyone feel better, can often feel like we are so responsible for others’ feelings as well.

Driving this behavior is a deep desire for wanting to feel better, and feeling powerless to do so, until everyone else around you is feeling better and this can lead to feeling completely out of control and powerless. 

Not to mention can often then lead to feelings of anger and resentment as physical energy becomes depleted, then feeling guilty for feeling so angry and resentful…..

Add that to the mix of lockdown stress, homeschooling, feeling that you have less freedom and that can compound very quickly into a downward spiral of emotions, not to mention really challenging situations in relationships with our loved ones. 

Knowing exactly what to do, to re-center and ground yourself is imperative, but especially more so during these current times. 

My 3 Quick tips if you are a sensitive empath are: 

  1. Ground your energy – This is so important because the more exhausted and overwhelmed you become with everyone else’s energies, the more your root/base chakra contracts. In order to compensate for the energy loss, your sacral and solar plexus chakra’s blow open, causing you to take on even more of everyone else’s energy in these centers, if you are experiencing gynecological issues, or stomach digest issues, this can often be caused by these two chakras being out of balance and energy congestion long term. 
  2.  Set Clear Boundaries – Know what your own personal limits are for your time and energy with others, be clear about what is and isn’t ok for you, and lovingly and compassionately articulate that with others. 


(It took me two years to go from passive/aggressive in my communication style to being able to communicate effectively, simply because I’d never been able to uphold my own boundaries.)


These were my own challenges, that I needed to learn to work through, and from my experience of working with many sensitive empathic people, can often be a huge challenge they face in not knowing their own boundaries, or how to uphold them for themselves. Our own boundaries are our own responsibility. 


  1. Be a Master of your Own Emotions – When you are able to master your own emotions, you will know the difference between your own and someone else’s emotions and you will no longer feel so reactive to others. 


Not only that you will know exactly how to shift your own emotions so that you can get back to feeling happier, more in control and loving your life, faster than ever before, regardless of how others are feeling or behaving around you. 

These 3 tips have been an absolute lifesaver for me and helped me keep my sanity!!

Understanding yourself and being self-aware is absolutely essential to maintain positive wellbeing, feeling great about who you are, no longer experiencing guilt and shame and experiencing greater happiness, joy and having fantastic relationships!

These 3 things are areas that we cover in-depth in my Thrive program and my clients are often blown away by what a difference that these things make in their day-to-day life and their physical energy levels, not to mention overcoming burnout, exhaustion and complete overwhelm.

They love getting back to thriving, reclaiming their health and energy, loving their life and who they are again! If that’s what you are wanting then you are in luck!

I’ve opened my calendar for 5 spots this week, for a FREE health consult, so that you know exactly where you are currently at, what’s getting in the way of your healing and reclaiming your health and energy and creating a plan on how you can absolutely move forward to get back to thriving again.

Book your call now!

Don’t miss out, when they are gone, they are gone. 


Sending you loads of love and blessings, 

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

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