Do you feel inspired?

Inspiration! (In-Spirit)

Inspiration breathing in, breathing out,

Waves of joy rippling through my body,

Excitement and enthusiasm building with each step forward.

Feeling guided,

Feeling loved,

Feeling the joy of being alive.

Radiant sunshine on my face.

Fresh air on my skin,

Breathing in all that life has to offer right now.

This moment.

This moment right now.






The joy of fullness,

The joy of openness,

The joy of new opportunity,

The joy of just being alive and living this moment fully.

The joy of living in connection with spirit,

Feeling it guide me,

Feeling it nudging me,

Feeling the connection,

Feeling the love,

Feeling the blessings,

Feeling the deep peace,

And feeling the deep inner connection to my soul,

My heart,

And to love…..

Wishing you a beautiful and super blessed and magical day,

With Love,

Sal x


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