Do you feel like you need to fix yourself?

Do you have an insatiable appetite for courses and books and learning, especially in the self-development field?

Me too!

I absolutely love learning. I love learning about so many different things but especially on things that can support a more joyful, expanded life, greater relationships and improve the body, mind and soul life experience!

I love spirituality,

I love health and wellness,

I love quantum physics,

I love law of attraction,

I love understanding more about relationships.

There’s so much that I love learning about, and there’s also a couple of things that I’ve noticed both in myself and sometimes that can show up for my clients too, that is not always helpful when it comes to self-development.

Sometimes we can feel that we are broken and not enough, and feel that we need to find the thing that can “fix” ourself.

I promise you from the depths of my heart. If you feel this way, you are not broken and you do not need fixing.

The very thing you think you may be looking for, is actually yourself.

I searched high and low for years, only to discover, it was me, that I was looking for.

The real me….

And true healing is often unravelling the layers and layers of our protective coping mechanisms such as people pleasing and being the good girl, and disempowering beliefs to find our most authentic self, only to discover we are so ok, just the way we are and that our uniqueness adds immense value to the world.

It is when we truly realise that what we originally thought was wrong about us, is actually our biggest gift to the world, that life can change radically.

This happened to me with my sensitivity.

I used to think I was too sensitive – overly sensitive and too emotional, only to discover it was my greatest asset and gift to the world.

So just a lil’ reminder, if you are like me and you love to devour book after book, and course after course to improve yourself,

Remember that true growth is about letting go of the false beliefs of who we thought we needed to be, and more about expansion beyond the previous limitations we had put on ourself, stepping outside our comfort zone, and finding our truest and most authentic self.

And sometimes growth is slowing down, and pausing instead of rushing or pushing to get things done.

Sometimes growth is about resting and sleeping, instead of doing more.

Sometimes growth is realising that you can have it all, you don’t have to choose between time or money.

Or money and good health.

Or money and time with family…..

Or being a loving human to others and taking incredible care of yourself.

It really is all possible.

There is nothing to fix,

You are already enough,

And you are inherently worthy of it all.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you would love some of the most powerful processes that I’ve used over the years to “unlearn” who I thought I needed to be for everybody else, and learn how to embrace my truest most authentic self, you will love my 28-Day Mini Thrive Program.

In it I share the exact process that supported me to radically shift my old thoughts of feeling that I wasn’t thin enough, or pretty enough, or that I wasn’t good enough, to finally know how to love and embrace my most authentic self truly.

I’ve shared this process with thousands of clients over the last 13 years and they are shocked at how much and how quickly this has changed the way they think about themselves.

Not to mention I’ve used this same process to question disempowering beliefs about money, relationships, and especially men. I had so many disempowering beliefs that kept me creating the very things I didn’t want to experience, on repeat.

I got so tired of the cycles, I knew I had to find a way out, to unlearn all the things I’d taken on in my earlier years that were no longer serving me.

You will learn the following:

  1. How to be able to shift and change your limiting beliefs and to create more of what you do want.
  2. How to finally master your emotions, instead of being controlled by them and feeling reactive.
  3. How to enjoy your life more, by setting healthy boundaries and how this actually creates BETTER and HEALTHIER relationships, as well as knowing how to prioritise your time on the things that bring you real joy.
  4. Not to mention also taking incredible care of your body. The key things you’ll need to do to improve your quality sleep, reduce inflammation and brain fog and regain your energy and vibrancy again.

And you can get access to all of that today by clicking the button below!

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