Do you feel lost and directionless?

Without purpose and vision, you may feel directionless and lost at sea….

Anytime I transition in life, to a new place, a new way of being, a new chapter in my life,
I’ve realised that it’s so important for me to get really clear.

Clear on who I am and who I am becoming,
And also clarity on my purpose, vision and intention in this particular chapter in my life.

Anytime we are starting a new chapter, or entering a transition phase of our life, there is always uncertainty.
We are stepping into unknown territory and to be honest, our ego survival mind hates it!
It craves certainty,
It craves the familiar because it feels predictable to our minds.

And without that sense of certainty, we can definitely feel a little lost, and out at sea with no real sense of direction.

When we lose a sense of certainty, we may feel scattered in our energy, feel overwhelmed, or not know what to focus on next.

This is why creating a sense of certainty with our purpose, vision and direction for ourself is so important.

I noticed myself moving through feeling a sense of uncertainty the last couple of days.
I’m away from my love and my home, that’s been a sense of certainty and familiarity for the last 2.5 years.

I’m stepping into a new chapter in my life in becoming a grandmother for the first time,

And I’ve noticed how unsettled, ungrounded and discombobulated that I’ve felt in my mind and body the last day or two.

This morning, I’ve journaled and become so clear on what I’m choosing to be, create and do over the next 3-4 months.

I’m clear on what I’m working on with my relationships, my health, with my business, with my wealth, and with my own personal growth.

And I’m clear on who I want to be in my new role and identity as a Nanni and as a support to my daughter and her partner.

And I’m clear on how I most want to utilise this time.

I know what my values are,
I’m clear on my own personal boundaries,
And I feel the deeper sense of certainty growing within from the faith, trust and alignment that has come from knowing myself deeply and focusing forward on that which I wish to create.

And I’m feeling so grounded, so clear and so anchored in myself again.
Clarity, purpose and vision, is like having a very clear road map.

You know when to pause and rest,
You know when to change direction,
You know where you’re headed

And best of all, the journey and the destination feel exciting and joyous!!!

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Super excited to see you in there,

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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