Do you feel numb, blocked, and stucked…

One of the biggest symptoms of burnout is feeling numb, blocked, and stuck.

If you also feel resistant and feel that you have to try and rally your energy and push yourself to motivate yourself to get things done, there’s actually a lot going on underneath in your nervous system.

After years and years of chronic ongoing stress, not to mention big life events or unhealed traumas, our body can end up in a perpetual fight/flight (accelerator) stress response, when the body can no longer keep going in this state, the freeze (brake) response can become jammed on. This is the point of burnout and chronic inflammation and dis-ease in the body.

Trying to “push through this” is literally one of the worst things that you can do to your nervous system and body at this point.

After years and years of chronic stress, where I always felt I could put the accelerator down and go, and get the things done I always needed to, it felt absolutely strange and terrifying to put the accelerator down and nothing happened. There was no fuel left in the tank, so to speak…..

Then coupled with the state of freeze, I felt so blocked, so vacant, so numb, so robotic, and everything that I’d previously handled with absolute ease, was suddenly exhausting, and overwhelming, and produced immediate anxiety, EVERY SINGLE DAY…..

Understanding how to heal the nervous system and the four key areas to heal burnout, were absolutely critical to me being able to get back to living and loving my life again, in a short space of time.

In today’s live video, I share more about the freeze response, what it feels like and what to do when you are experiencing it. You can watch it by clicking the button below.

How to move out of numb, resistant, and anxious states.

Click here to watch.

If you are experiencing burnout, exhaustion, and fatigue, I really encourage you to reach out and book a 15-minute chat with me. So many women say they finally feel understood, after seeking answers for years in some cases, or worse still, having their GP, say they are fit as a fiddle and yet they feel so incredibly exhausted. It breaks my heart to hear these stories.

No, you are not fit as a fiddle, the standardised blood tests they run, just don’t show up with what’s really going on underneath, as burnout is still not a widely recognised condition in western medicine.

It’s often misdiagnosed for anxiety and depression because burnout often presents with anxiety and depression as symptoms….

And the lower in physical energy you get, the more activated your body will be with feeling powerless (depression) or feeling unable to cope (anxiety).

If you would love to understand what’s really going on and what the root cause of your burnout actually is, so you know exactly what to heal, then click below today.

Book your call!

I only have a few of these available each month and once they are gone, they are gone.


With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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