Do you feel overly responsible for others?

High functioning as a coping mechanism, can feel extremely addictive. It can give a sense of significance and always comes with a huge adrenaline rush in feeling so capable, so organised and being the one that everyone looks to and can depend upon in a crisis.

However, it is one of the biggest causes of burnout and absolutely can perpetuate exhaustion, when we have received so much love, approval, success, validation and attached our sense of value and worth to it. Yet it comes at a significant cost, our health and wellbeing.

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  1. Being the one that everyone turns to when anything goes wrong can feel like a huge boost to the ego when we feel we can handle things, but often becomes extreme anxiety, pressure, and resentment, when we feel exhausted, yet still feel so responsible for taking care of everyone and everything. Being aware of this is the first step.
  2. Empowering others to take responsibility, learning to delegate effectively and learning how to trust others and release needing control is the second step. Women often unconsciously take on extra responsibility as a way of feeling more in control, safe and secure, yet we sacrifice our body and wellbeing, for the illusion of being in control.
  3. The third step is to release feeling so responsible for everyone else’s wellbeing and feelings and to take full radical self-responsibility for our own wellbeing, health and happiness, by filling our own cup first. Giving from the overflow is the only way to prevent burnout and to give in a sustainable way. Letting go of the “people pleaser or good girl identities is critical to being able to do this.


Awareness is the first step in healing ~ Dean Ornish


Understanding that a lot of these types of coping mechanisms are normally created from our childhood circumstances and learning how to release and change these are life changing and are essential in overcoming burnout. Otherwise, we just keep doing the same pattern again and again, because our subconscious programming is driving us….


If you are tired and fatigued, you are so over waking up feeling exhausted and dreading the day, and you are ready to get your energy, your health and your life back.

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