Do you feel overwhelmed with everyone else’s emotions?

Do you feel overwhelmed with everyone else’s emotions? 

Do you sometimes struggle with your sense of self-worth or value? 

Do you sometimes feel lost, confused or not feel clear on who you are or how you feel?


Then make sure you read this below…. 


Dissolving your shame core & setting your energetic boundaries.

This is heavy stuff, it’s confronting and destabilising, yet so freeing to be able to clear and understand this.

One of the things I noticed again and again as a Kinesiologist as well as witnessed in myself and others, is that when people around us are not able to process, feel or acknowledge their emotions, if you are sensitive or empathic, you will tend to take those emotions on board and feel it deeply in yourself.

It will get expressed through your system. 

This can honestly make you feel a little crazy. Not to mention completely irrational, overly emotional and not be able to understand yourself, why you feel that way, or what is happening.

This can happen in relationships where the man has been taught that it’s wrong to feel his emotions, he represses, then ends up with a partner that is overly emotional, seems a bit crazy and doesn’t seem able to cope. (Because she is feeling and processing majority of the emotions for both of them.)

This issue is especially huge when it comes to our sense of worth and value as a child.

If Mum or Dad are tired, stressed or are passive/aggressive in their communication style, or repressing their emotions the sensitive child in the family, will take on these emotions. 

Often being labelled as overly emotional or too sensitive, this can impact a sensitive child’s self-esteem and self-value.

If a parent feels a sense of shame that a child is “not behaving” or not “doing what they are told”, yet is unable to recognise this feeling of parenting shame in themselves, the shame will then be projected onto the child. 

This is induced or carried shame, now felt and taken on by the child. It impacts the child’s sense of lovability, value and worth in the world. 

The conditioning from experiencing this as a child, can often impact us in unimaginable ways. Often setting us up for disempowering narratives and stories that we continue to tell for a lifetime of how unlovable we are, or why we believe that we are not enough. 

This impacts how we treat ourselves or allow ourself to be treated, it impacts our ability to try new things and be confident in the world, it impacts how well we connect and communicate with people and massively impacts levels of intimacy and feeling safe in relationships. 

If this is not healed, you will tend to push people away for the fear of feeling completely overwhelmed by others emotions, finding people draining and exhausting to be around.

You will create a push/pull pattern in your relationships, due to your need to feel loved, but your fear of losing yourself in the relationship.

You will tend to have people pleasing tendencies, unable to uphold your own personal boundaries and be living in anger and resentment, or even blaming others in your life that you always have to be there for them. 

This carried shame core, sets us up for co-dependent relationships, often wanting someone to “unconditionally love us” for who we are, 100% of the time, because we have not been able to resolve that for ourselves, because of the carried shame and the disempowering stories we continue to tell and have felt for a lifetime.

And often it can be extremely difficult to uphold boundaries that support your value, your worth, your sense of lovability if you are unconsciously carrying this shame core. 

There are 3 steps to resolving your shame core and setting healthy energetic boundaries. 

  1. Restoring your sense of value, self-love and self-worth
  2. Releasing and clearing the shame core and disempowering beliefs that have kept you in this cycle and pattern for years.
  3. Upholding and maintaining healthy physical and energetic boundaries with others. 

This is so important for healing this and not passing this carried shame core onto our own children and future generations. 

It is so important to heal, so that you can be clear in your own energy field and feel good about who you are. 

It is so important to heal in order to know who you are, what you desire and want in life and to heal your physical body. 

Often the overwhelming emotions and unhealed patterns and traumas can end up creating exhaustion, fatigue, dis-ease in the body and feel unable to be authentically yourself in the world. 

When you heal these things you will be able to feel calm and connected with others. 

You will enjoy your social interactions without feeling completely overwhelmed, and you will actually want to spend more time with people.

Your relationships will “feel safer” and you’ll be able to communicate your own needs much more effectively. 

You will feel an amazing shift of energy in your physical body and feel so much more aligned and happiness in your day.

You will magnetise and allow yourself to have truly healthy relationships as well as the dream income you’ve always wanted. 

You will be able to express who you are and create your dream life that reflects your true value and worth of the precious and amazing expression of divinity that you are.

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You absolutely deserve to get back to loving who you are, 

Increasing your daily energy and joy and reclaiming your health, love and happiness.


With Love and Blessings, 

Sal xox

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