Do you feel reactive with others?

There’s always a choice……

Whenever I feel reactive at any given moment,

I breathe……

I ground myself…… 

And I ask myself two amazing questions that have helped me countless times….

“What am I making this mean?”


“How do I choose to experience this?”

The first question always helps me to understand how my brain, is catastrophizing things. It generally goes straight to the worst-case scenario, does yours tend to do the same? 

Our mind tends to do this. 

Our subconscious goes to a time in the past, that felt similar and quickly (within a nanosecond) tells the same old story that it has in the past from an old narrative, that generally is disempowering and can make us feel like rubbish at the moment. 

The problem is, if I don’t stop to actually ask myself these two questions, it would leave me in such a disempowered, reactive and unresourceful state. Generally, so unresourceful that if I were to react at that moment, it would normally make the situation worse, either for myself, or others, or both. 

By asking myself those two questions, I become conscious again. My subconscious is no longer running me, without me being aware of it. 

I have an OPPORTUNITY at that moment to consciously change what I’m making that event or situation or circumstance mean. That always gives me my conscious power and choice back.

Then I also get to decide how I want to experience something. This consciously helps me choose my emotional state and MASSIVELY impacts the outcome of the experience in many ways!

If you’ve ever felt super challenged by your relationships with other people, knowing how to change this, can be so incredibly life-changing!

I know for the longest time, I honestly believed that I had no control over how I felt, I honestly believed that people just did things that upset me and hurt me. I felt continually reactive in so many of my relationships and felt powerless to change them. 

This led me to emotionally eat, this lead me to drink alcohol to minimize and numb the pain and this led me to feel so empty, so hollow inside because I was just an empty shell of who I once was. 

I was exhausted, depleted, and desperate to change things. 

Emotional Mastery is the key to changing your life on every level…..

Just think about how many things you do, or don’t do, because of how you FEEL. 

If you can’t be bothered, or you feel super stressed, or you are so annoyed you can’t think straight, so you put off doing things because you feel so emotionally and mentally derailed and depleted….

Not to mention how you feel about yourself? 

What if you had a magic wand, that gave you the power to be able to change how you feel at any moment? 

What would that truly be like for you? 

To be able to come back to feeling happy, to living from a place of deep gratitude, feeling deeply connected and loving towards your family, friends, and in all of your relationships.

Waking up feeling excited and passionate about your day, bouncing out of bed, with a renewed enthusiasm for life! 

Your emotions impact, every area of your life. 

Being emotionally intelligent is now needed more than ever before.

It is needed for your long term health, energy, and vitality, it is needed for your personal sovereignty, it is needed for your own stability and clear-mindedness, it is needed for your purpose/career/mission, it is needed most importantly for your ability to be able to lead yourself and your family through these current times. 

Email me at, spots are limited.

With Love and Blessings, 

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox 

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