Do you feel stuck and blocked?

If you feel exhausted, tired, blocked, paralysed, stuck, directionless, procrastinating, loss of direction, loss of clarity, foggy head and feel overwhelmed, chances are your nervous system is stuck in the freeze state….

This can occur during burnout and or during an intense emotional trigger, or shame attack.

What I have realised over the past 2 years, is how the biological effect of shame and the freeze state seems to be exactly the same thing.

When we are in freeze:

• Our brain shuts down and it’s hard to think
• Your mind may feel foggy, or not switched on
• We may feel small, timid and don’t want to be seen,
• We may find it difficult to express ourself, or use our voice,
• We may find it difficult to take any form of action, (I often describe it like trying to walk through a boggy marsh with concrete boots on. Everything feels slow and heavy.)
• We may notice our inner critic becomes excessively loud and harsh
• We may find it extremely difficult to engage socially
• We may want to withdraw and shutdown and be alone
• You may notice that you feel an acute sense of powerlessness or helplessness or not know what to do, to create change in your life
• Our self-worth and self-value may plummet and you notice all the things that you’re not doing, instead of celebrating all the good things
• Not feeling good enough, or worthy of love
• We may notice feeling numb, disassociated or not really being present
• We may have complete loss of joy, willpower and self-motivation…..

There are so many effects from being stuck in the freeze survival response or state of shame biologically and when we don’t understand what created the trigger and how to heal that, we can feel completely powerless and really stuck.

I didn’t realise, that I was literally living in a state of shame for a huge majority in my life.

Feeling that I constantly had to prove my sense of self worth and that I wasn’t good enough.

Feeling that everything was all my fault and I was responsible for it all.

Feeling shame for my big emotions…

Knowing how to move out of the freeze state and recover from toxic shame is so important. The impact this plays in our lives is immense.

If you’ve consistently struggled with your self-esteem, (yes, even though you may look, seem, be successful eternally)

If you’ve had to constantly push yourself to get things done,
If you are tired and exhausted and feel that you just need to motivate yourself more,

Then healing and understanding the freeze state and the role that unhealed trauma plays in these experiences, is honestly life changing.

Having the tools and strategies to heal our body, mind and emotions, and regain our sense of connection to ourself and to life, is so incredibly important. (Even more so if we have children of our own, as we unknowingly often pass our own shame triggers on to our children, until we become aware.)

My 28 Day Mini Thrive program helps to understand so much about what happens when we are in burnout and our body eventually drops into the freeze state as a last ditch attempt at conserving our energy from living in the fight/flight/fawn response for the majority of our lives.

Healing this takes awareness and having the right tools and strategies.

Today you can get access to my 28 Day Mini Thrive Program, that will support you to:

• Immediately start to increase and regain your energy
• Set healthy boundaries
• Improve your self-esteem and rebuild your self-confidence
• Get out of overwhelm and anxiety
• Wake up feeling energised and excited about your day
• Get your clarity of mind back and make decisions easily
• Radically Improve how you feel everyday
• Discover exactly what has been the root cause of your burnout
• Learn what causes inflammation, brain fog and neurotoxicity
• Heal and regulate your nervous system
• Let go of feeling that you are not enough
• Have the tools and strategies to heal your past trauma
• Reclaim your Health, Energy and Vitality again
• Improve your relationships with your loved ones and team
• Experience deep restorative sleep
• Learn how to shift your mindset and heal your inner critic

Click the button below to get immediate access to my 28-Day Mini Thrive Course and start feeling better!

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Or if you’d personally like to do a deep dive with me to shift faster and get back to living your best life asap AND get FREE access to this great course, then email me at to apply.

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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