Do you feel that you need to be right?

The need to be right is ever present in our ego.

It will protect this at all costs, especially in relationships with others.

Living from our wounded ego-mind puts us in a state of guardedness, defensiveness, and justification.

Because the Ego mind creates duality.

It creates Separation and division, so it can figure out what is helpful and what is harmful.
So, it judges things as good, bad, right, wrong, positive, and negative.

Its job is to protect us.

Its job is to keep us safe and keep our bodies alive.

It wants to be sure that we are right because if we are wrong, that doesn’t make us safe.

Unconsciously the ego-mind fears being an outcast, fears being abandoned, fears being unacceptable or unlovable if it is wrong.

That’s why it protects the need to be right, so strongly.

In doing so, we develop “blind spots”.

We can see how others are doing “wrong”, especially in situations where we feel hurt, we feel let down, we feel alone, or we feel someone hasn’t done what they “should have.”

Yet often, it’s much harder for the ego-mind to see how we are co-creating and contributing to the situation. We become hyper-focused from our own perspective, and it can be so difficult to see it from another’s.

This is what creates the greatest challenges in our relationships with others.

We cannot hear someone else’s side of the story if we are busy defending our own.

We place assumptions and meanings on the words communicated.

We tend to take things super personally and make them mean things that create pain and suffering for ourself, even when none is intended by the other person.

We give our power away by blaming the other person, without understanding what’s really going on underneath.

We turn other people into whatever we need them to be so that our internal narrative can make sense of our own beliefs and perceptions.

And other people do the same with us.

It’s part of our human blind spots.

Letting go of the need to be right, allows for tremendous breakthroughs to happen in life.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t speak up or don’t articulate what is and isn’t ok for us, yet it does mean that we communicate these things from very different energy.

One that is empowered,

One that is love-based,

One that is free from control or manipulation,

One that expresses from the heart,

One that creates greater closeness and connection in relationships,

One that sets you free and makes you feel so proud of who you are.

There are always 3 perspectives in any situation, our own, the other persons, and the higher perspective.

Being able to access these 3 perspectives is life-changing.

It drops us back into our heart centre.

It removes the victim mentality.

It empowers you to make amazing life decisions with clarity and conscious awareness.

If you would love to find out, how you can let go of “needing to be right” which causes resistance and many challenges in relationships and drop back into your heart centre, make sure that you join me for my FREE 1 hour Change Your Thoughts, Change your Life Online Workshop on the 11th of April at 1 pm.

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