Do you feel that you’re stuck or not progressing or feeling better as fast as you’d like?

It can feel so frustrating when you think that you are doing everything to heal your burnout, BUT you are not feeling any better.

One of the things that I hear from many women that come to me for support to heal their burnout is that they’ve been seeing a counsellor or psychologist for years, but nothing much has changed…..

One client actually shared with me, that she’d experienced more shifts in just 3 weeks in the Thrive program, than 6 expensive years with her psychologist….

The main reason for this is, that talk therapy focuses on past experiences and how that’s impacting you, which is wonderful for validating your feelings and helping you understand what’s actually occurred.

However the challenge with this is, it’s not supporting you to create a new vision for yourself.
Without this, we can stay stuck in past energy and past experiences for years and even continually retriggering your nervous system again and again, which can feel incredibly draining.

It’s so important to be clear on where you want to go and what you are wanting to experience in your life, in order to live life in a way that gives you energy, that inspires and excites you and reconnects you to your truest and most authentic self.

AND to have the tools, strategies and ways of being able to see things from a different perspective and to change the underlying belief systems of what we’ve made things mean in the past about ourself and our value and worth.

This is exactly what I shared in today’s short (5 min) live video.

Watch it here Now!

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  1. After these calls so many women feel:
  2. Understood
  3. Validated
  4. That they don’t need to keep trying to push themselves
  5. That there are exact reasons “WHY” they are burnt out
  6. That there is nothing “wrong” with them
  7. And most importantly they have complete clarity on what needs to shift to heal their burnout.

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With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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