Do you feel you have to keep everyone happy?

Where are you diminishing yourself?

Where have you let go of your dreams?

Where have you not spoken up for yourself?

Where have you allowed yourself to be the doormat?

Where do you not yet feel fully free in your life?

The people pleaser in me has some strong programming….

It takes so much conscious effort and self-awareness to not let her take over my system and squish myself back down again, in an attempt to avoid conflict, in an attempt to be liked, in an attempt to appease everyone around me and be what everyone wants.

Does this resonate for you?

The People Pleaser Archetype runs deep, especially for many women. It’s anchored in from a young age, of being the Good Girl and receiving lots of love, praise, validation, and approval for being this.

We have been conditioned to please others, to even be submissive in our energy (unconsciously, if not consciously.)

Yet it can feel so draining to live in this energy.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE lighting other people up and doing things for others!

Just not when it is detrimental to my own well-being…..

This is the difference between truly GIVING from our HEART with no EXPECTATIONS or strings attached to how we need the other person to respond.

And GIVING to unconsciously get the love, the validation, the approval we are secretly seeking….

When we are stuck in this paradigm, it is so easy to be subtly manipulated and guilt-tripped by others.

The internal pull to do what others want us to do can have us believe that we are being unkind, or unloving to say no…..

This is also what massively contributes to adrenal burnout….

Metaphysically, Adrenal burnout comes from a deep inner belief, that there’s not enough left for me…. I have to give and give and give, to get the tiniest amount back….



And disempowering AF.

It leaves us feeling burnt out, exhausted, feeling so confused as to why we give and give, but don’t get back what we think we should….

It leaves us financially affected because we are constantly giving, not allowing ourself to receive for fear of feeling GUILTY.

It leaves us energetically depleted and living in anger and resentment for feeling that everyone is always needing something from us.

It leaves us emotionally depleted because it’s hard to feel good when you are that physically and financially and emotionally drained.

It leaves us physically depleted from living in a constant and never-ending state of fear, stress, and anxiety about worrying about others or others thinking, over analyzing conversations in our mind, about who we might have upset or who might be disappointed in us.

It is EXHAUSTING, to say the least….

And of course there’s varying degrees that this plays out….


It comes from acknowledging that you are inherently worthy and valuable because you EXIST.

It comes from deeply loving, valuing, and respecting yourself at a very high level.

It comes from aligning yourself with people that are a match for receiving what you LOVE to GIVE. (They will immensely appreciate and value what you give and who you are because they will be a reflection of HOW you FEEL about YOU.)

It comes from ALLOWING yourself and GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION to RECEIVE at a super high level, because this is what keeps us SUSTAINABLE in the world.

It comes from SPEAKING your TRUTH. (Scary at first, especially if you have not been authentic in what you really think and feel, as you may have surrounded yourself with people you are not truly aligned with.)

It comes from taking DAILY ALIGNED action, SHINING YOUR LIGHT, and bringing YOUR GIFTS to the world.

Only YOU can be you!

Only YOU can choose to be FULLY you!

Only YOU can choose to have the COURAGE to EXPRESS the unique and vital role that you are here to play in the world.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

If you KNOW in your HEART that you have to find another way.

Then click below to learn how YOU can get the tools and strategies to overcome this.

LET’s GET you OUT of these PATTERNS.

LET’s have you step back into YOUR POWER.

LET’s get CLEAR on what has been STOPPING you.

LET’s FREE you from those BELIEFS.

So you can heal,

So you can have energy and vitality again,

So you can create a life that you absolutely love,

So you can get back to GIVING with OVERFLOWING energy and JOY,

So you can step FULLY into your power and ALLOW yourself to receive with EASE.

So you can massively INCREASE your FINANCIAL abundance…..

All this and MORE is POSSIBLE for YOU.

It’s all up to one small DECISION.

KNOWING in your HEART that this HAS to CHANGE!

And clicking the button below to take ACTION toward this.

Click here Now!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal xox

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