Do you find it hard to feel good?

Do you ever find that as a human it’s so much easier to feel bad than it is to feel good?

Our survival ego minds are built to protect us and keep us alive, not to help us feel good and happy!

So what makes it so challenging to feel good? Unconsciously, we can have so many “rules” around what needs to happen to feel the way we want.

Take success for example. Only when I’ve had a great day and felt good all day, I’ve been a great Mum and my kids are all happy, I’ve done all the things on my list, I’ve been a loving partner, I’ve done really well and hit all my targets, then… and only then am I “successful”.

Now whilst that’s absolutely not true, it’s what we often will do to ourselves. We make it so, so hard on ourselves to feel good.

A fast way to feel all of the emotions you’d love to be feeling more of each day is to simplify your rules consciously….

This becomes, Anytime I do one tiny small thing that takes me in the direction of my goals, I’m successful, Anytime I do anything that is an improvement in my life, I feel successful, Anytime I drink a glass of water, I’m successful Anytime I take care of myself,

I’m successful Anytime I smile at another human, I’m successful, Anytime I think a kind thought, I’m successful, Anytime I move my body, I’m successful, Can you see how simple it gets to be, feel successful, happy, blessed or any other emotion you’d like to think on a regular basis.

I dive a bit deeper into all of this in my quick 5 min video, which you can watch by clicking the button below:

Watch it here!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you, how to make it much harder to feel bad.

When you apply both of these, life really gets to feel so much better.

And when you shift your internal state, it absolutely helps to improve your physical energy. This is a significant shift when it comes to healing burnout.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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