Do you have annoying voices in your head too?

Do you have incessant voices inside your head?

Me too, especially today!

And on some days they are extra loud and seem to be arguing a lot with each other!

Do you ever notice that for yourself? So frustrating right!?!

Sometimes I think self-awareness can actually make it worse. Simply because I am so acutely aware of what is going on.

I remember years ago, I would just feel bad, but didn’t know why I felt like that. It wasn’t until I actually became conscious of the voices and what they were saying to me.

And physical tiredness makes this all ten times worse!

Have you ever noticed that? When you wake up with plenty of energy, it is so much easier to naturally feel good, you don’t have to work at it!

Whereas when we are tired, it can be very difficult to direct the mind and to bring the voices under control. 

Our inner critic can be very difficult to deal with on those days, and the tricky thing is, we can end up believing what it says.

So what’s really going on here?

The more worried stressed, or tired you are, the more the wounded ego-mind gets activated. It will start dictating to you all the things that you should or shouldn’t be doing in order to be enough. 

These are all fragmented parts of our consciousness, that’s why they sometimes argue as well because they have competing needs. 

Simplifying this concept, they are parts of yourself that came from when you were a child that felt scared, unloved or abandoned in certain situations. These aspects of you, fragmented and created a coping mechanism in order to be ok in the situation. 

These coping mechanisms can be things like perfectionism, not speaking up, being a people pleaser, conforming, rebelling, taking all the responsibility….. 

This makes it so much easier, to understand what’s going on in your mind. 

If you haven’t already worked out, arguing with those parts of yourself, actually makes the problem worse! (Just like trying to argue with an emotional 3-year-old would….) 

You cannot rationalize with these aspects!!!

In my Thrive program, one of the tools and strategies that my clients learn is working with their inner child. 

This work has also brought outstanding results in my own life. 

Just like today, when I remembered this, after arguing and trying to fix and change myself for a good hour or so!

My mind is always so much calmer when my inner child, feels heard, feels respected and feels validated, not to mention, having its needs met, in a tender and compassionate way, just like you would with your own child. 

The challenge with this is most people are so critical and hard on themselves and often beat themselves up to further and make themselves wrong when they feel this way instead of truly listening.

Knowing how to connect with your inner child, knowing how to communicate effectively with these parts of yourself, will help your mind return to a complete state of mind. 

This is when you can deeply drop back into your heart centre and remember……


You are so powerful,

You are so magnificent, 

You are so blessed, 

You are so loved….. 

It’s time to remember that and feel it deep in your soul.


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox



Knowing and supporting your inner child is such an important step in calming the mind.

This becomes even more crucial when you are exhausted, burnt out or experiencing so much stress. 

It’s a critical fact to overcoming burnout and also for lifelong happiness… 

If you are tired of feeling tired, if you are so over listening to all the negativity in your own mind and worse still believing these stories that you are not enough, or that you’ve failed, or that you haven’t done enough, then Gorgeous it is truly time to set yourself free and come back to you. 

This is such an important skill to also teach your children. I noticed that my girls started to become more consciously aware of their inner voices around age 8. 

This obviously can ramp up in really heartbreaking ways, the older they get and particularly moving into teen years, especially if they are super sensitive kids. 

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