Do you have someone in your corner?

Today I’m so, so, so grateful, for getting to spend so much time with someone I love and deeply respect.

I’m so grateful for the time that we get together,

She understands me like no other,

I know she loves me so deeply and cares so much about my well-being.

She listens to me and holds space,

That kind, attentive, caring, without needing to fix or interject, or try and make you feel better or make you smile when it’s not how you really feel.

She is a powerful advocate for me,

She stands up for me and she shares so much deep wisdom with me,

I can share exactly how I feel with her and there is no judgment,

She just wants to hear what I have to say.

She listens to my biggest fears,

She wants to hear what’s most important to me, without judging me,

Or telling me what to do.

We all need a best friend like this!

Who’s with me?

However, it wasn’t always like this,

We used to have a really difficult relationship,

She used to judge me a lot,

And I used to judge her.

She used to try and control me and to be honest,

She was really uncomfortable with my sensitivity and my big emotions.

She would interrupt me at times,

Tell me not to be so silly and to just get on with it,

She would unknowingly invalidate my feelings and shut down my dreams…..

It’s taken the time and a lot of self-awareness from both of us to get to this space.

And I’m so grateful and appreciative of how much our relationship has grown over the years, her kindness, her compassion, and her patience with me.

She knows deep down that everything will be ok and reassures me of this, even when I’m scared or feeling uncertain or unsure of myself.

She opens her heart and embraced me fully.

And she witnesses and holds the most incredible space for me.

I’m so blessed, so grateful and so thankful for her and her divine unconditional love that is full of wisdom, stillness, peace, and calm….

She is my best friend,

My higher self,

And she is me.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


Creating this relationship with myself, has taken years and it’s still a work in progress, yet it is the single most impactful thing that’s affected so much change in my life as a result.

Sometimes it can feel that doing the inner work is so challenging, many avoid it, because it is confronting as F&*% and messy and often can dismantle the old foundations, leaving us in a temporary void, that our ego survival mind hates….

Yet the work is so worth it.

The relationship we have with ourselves is THE MOST important relationship you can ever develop, because EVERYTHING else in life, will reflect your relationship with you, back to you. The better it is, the better everything else is.

If you feel called to do deep healing work this year, if you are so tired of feeling sick and tired, lethargic, apathetic to life, feeling lost, feeling isolated, and not knowing who you are or what you want, then here is your sign, calling you forward.

Yes, it’s time to confront your own BS. It’s time to develop the most loving and compassionate relationship with yourself, it’s time to heal your body and regain your energy back.

It’s time to respect you, love you, and know that you are deeply worthy of all that you desire.

If that’s you and you are 100% committed to making a change, stepping up, and creating a life you fully love, that expresses your authentic self, then DM me now. VERY LIMITED SPACES xxx


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