Do you judge your feelings?

Do you judge your feelings?

Personally, this is something I’ve really needed to heal and embrace for myself. 

I’ve had huge judgement on my feelings over the years, especially anger and resentment. 

It can feel that my lower vibe feelings are in direct conflict with my highest value, which is love. 

Yet they are so important to have, to notice and to experience, because they are always guiding us.

All of our feelings are giving us messages as to what we need to pay attention to, what we need to notice.

What’s most important to us and where perhaps are we violating our own boundaries or continue to allow others to transgress our boundaries? 

When we judge ourself for the way we feel, first and foremost it actually keeps us stuck in the emotion for longer.

Ever felt angry for feeling angry? It can end up one big giant loop!!!! Then end up justifying your anger, only to perhaps feel bad, guilty and then angry for feeling angry again?? 

Secondly when we judge ourself, for the way we feel, we miss the message!

These are just some examples of the messages our feelings can give us…..

(Excerpt from Dr. Rebecca Ray’s Book – Setting Boundaries)

Disappointed – Something did not work out as I had hoped, I honour this with celebrating trying.

Rejected- My sense of belonging is shaken; I honour this and reach out to someone close.

Shame – It means I am rejecting a part of myself, so I acknowledge this and contemplate my wholeness. 

Regret – I have learnt difficult lessons; I acknowledge this and apply self-forgiveness.

Dissatisfied – I crave newness and I acknowledge this feeling and expand my horizons.

Anger – A boundary of mine has been crossed, I acknowledge and reassert that boundary.


It’s also important to acknowledge that if you are empathic and super sensitive to energy, without clear energetic boundaries, you may be taking on or feeling other’s emotions. 

Keeping your energy clear and upholding healthy boundaries, helps with containment when this issue occurs. 

It’s exactly some of the key areas, I help my sensitive clients with in my Thrive Program, because otherwise you will end up just feeling plain confused, lost and not understanding what you are actually experiencing. 

It’s also important to remember that our thought processes and perceptions of what we make experiences mean, all impact our feeling state as well. 

Knowing and understanding your emotions, also makes you a master of them!

Our feelings always impact the actions we take AND the results we get!


Not to mention that everyday is a mini-version of our life.

If we are constantly not feeling great, it is a huge indicator – this is not a judgement on yourself, that you are not ok!

However it is an OPPORTUNITY to discover the cause of what’s driving these feelings, to empower yourself with knowledge and awareness.


And the biggest piece is, removing the judgement and shame from what we are feeling, so our feelings can unveil their message to us. 


Becoming a master of our own emotions, puts us back in the drivers seat. 

It helps you to step totally into being a creator, instead of feeling a victim of your emotions and circumstances. 

Mindset and emotions is everything….. 

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways, 

Sal xox



The clients that I work with are absolutely committed to stepping into being the best version of themselves. 

Embracing their knowledge, self-awareness and developing the tools and strategies to live the life of their dreams. 

To value and love themselves deeply and to let their life be an expression of this, whilst also making a difference in the world. 

To be a lamp lighter for others and to have the confidence to be who they really are.

Authentic Happiness comes from aligning and living from your deepest values with your most authentic self and expressing that in a way that is in full integrity with the truth of who you are. 

That is when we feel amazing in ourself, for who we are and who we are evolving into. 

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