Do you know how strong you really are?

Have you ever stopped to think about how strong you really are?

Have you taken time to reflect and think about all of the challenges, the heartaches, the eleventh hours you’ve ever been through and the fact that you are still here, standing?

This thought dawned upon me this morning.

Sometimes I feel fear rise up, the old ego beliefs of I’m not good enough, or I can’t or I’m not able to, especially when I’ve set myself a super big goal, or something new we are creating….

Yet all I have to do, is think back about everything I’ve ever been through, all the challenges I’ve already conquered, the heart aches, the setbacks, the feelings of rejection, of not fitting in, of feeling like I’ll never make it.

The feeling of being outed from the group, as an 11 and 12 year old, feeling powerless in relationships with others.

The trauma and healing from unhealthy relationships and abandoning and betraying myself again and again for some small bread crumb, the wondering if life will ever get good for me again, the grief from deep loss and heart ache of losing my Mum to cancer.

The overwhelming anxiety and fear that I had to overcome to start my business, as a holistic healer in a town that was not really open to spirituality at the time.

The fear and anxiety due to my sensitive nervous system, that I still sometimes experience even to this day, that can overwhelm me and stop me in my tracks if I let it.

Yet every time I rise up, every time I tap into my vision, my why, my whole reason and purpose for life, I feel it.

I feel that deep feminine calling.

Do you feel it too?

I am woman hear me roar!!!!!

To all the Mumma Bears out there, I know you would do anything to protect your babies, this is the inner strength I’m speaking into and this inner strength is available to all women.

We are such powerful and incredible beings!

So often we can end up watering ourself down, not wanting to be too much, or too out there, or too shiny or too much of anything and we lose ourself.

We give our power away.


What you’ve been through, the challenges you’ve overcome, what you’ve created and how FAR you’ve actually already come.

We can be so quick to judge where we are in relation to where we want to be and it keeps us from truly acknowledge how powerful and amazing we are.

Just take a moment, to acknowledge how far you’ve come from the last 5-10 years.

What have you learnt?

How have you grown?

What have you had to overcome?

Take a moment, to really feel proud of all those things,

To love on yourself hard, for showing up,

For doing your best,

For being you.

Even in those moments, you didn’t know HOW and you found a way.

Even in those moments, that you wavered or maybe had fear rise up, you found a way….

You’ve got this,

Take a moment to breathe.

Take a moment to acknowledge how POWERFUL AF you truly are.

It’s time.

It’s time to own it.

It’s time to step into it.

And claim it fully.

If you fully BELIEVED IN YOURSELF, what would you do?

What would you choose to CREATE?

How would you choose to LIVE?

You really can be, do have, whatever you desire.

The only thing holding you back was your old story.

Let it go, it’s old, outdated and doesn’t serve you at all.

Acknowledge the TRUTH of who you are


It’s time to live into that fully.

All the Love,

Sal x

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