Do you know what to do but you aren’t following through?

Do you know what to do, but you aren’t following through? 

Knowing what to do and actually doing it, are two completely different things…..

One is cerebral knowledge and the other is embodiment of that knowledge.

We can know something intellectually, but we don’t actually know it, until we’ve embodied it and experienced it through our physicality and integrated it into our daily living. 

This is often the difference that can leave someone feeling extremely stuck and incredibly frustrated. 

Knowing information is powerful, but only when we are able to implement it and utilise it. Otherwise, it’s completely useless…. 

If you’ve ever read a book and thought that was great, but never applied the principals then there’s something deeper going on here.

So what get’s in the way of this? 

We can have some really big unconscious fears around creating change in our life. 

There can be the fear of failure, if I start and can’t do what I really want to do, there can be the fear of overwhelm, that if I start I don’t know how I’m going to do it all, or get it all done, there can be the fear of if I do this I will lose something else that’s valuable to me or feeling that you have to get it completely perfect otherwise you’ve failed. That’s enough to scare anyone out of ever trying!!!

Or the bigger one that can really keep us stuck, is fear of what other people might think, or even just the day to day stories that we tell ourself, as to why we can’t, why we don’t have time, or don’t have the money to invest, or underneath is the gnawing fear that I’m not good enough or I don’t deserve it….. 

What we tell ourself on a daily basis is literally hypnotising us to act, feel and think particular ways. 

Becoming super conscious of these stories is so important to be able to change our personal narrative and change our internal dialogue and feelings. 

The biggest thing that I see blocks people from truly finding a way to create change in their life, to integrate, embody and implement their knowledge, is they are not emotionally connected with why this really needs to change. 

Our fears will always be present, they show up in various ways, and generally even if you’ve worked through a particular fear, it may show up again in the future, especially if you are stepping outside your comfort zone. 

You’ll never really have the strongest desire or the courage to conquer these fears, unless you are deeply emotionally connected with why this really needs to change for you.

Until you are deeply and emotionally connected with creating this change then life will continue to meander along. You will not feel a deep pulsing within you, to take action on this. 

Your emotional connection to anything is your fuel. It creates energy daily to help you to sustain and bring your dreams and goals to life.

One of the biggest issues I see with exhaustion and burnout, is often complete disconnection and numbing of feelings. 

When we do this, we become robotic in our actions. We can tick off the to-do-list and not feel one bit excited, successful or happy….. 

We can even have an incredible and amazing life yet feel kinda bad that we don’t feel more grateful or happier….

When we take away or minimise emotion, we rob ourself from the fuel that fills us up and brings meaning and purpose to everything we do. 

Life honestly just becomes one hard slog of “having to get through the day” when this happens. 

Knowing how to elicit particular emotional states, how to get deeply connected with yourself and with life again, brings back purpose, meaning and passion.

This is where we experience our greater joys, our expansive happiness and creativity and life feels worth living again. 

If you are ready to release exhaustion, burnout and not following through. If you are ready to become the master of your emotions, to reconnect deeply with yourself and with life again, to let go of just living from your head and to reconnect with your heart energy to fully embody who you know you truly are and to bring your dreams and goals to fruition, then click the button below to book your call with me. 

Let’s get you living congruently and with passion and joy again. 

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox
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