Do you like, love and appreciate yourself?

Yesterday I was absolutely shocked and so completely saddened to hear, that one of my dear clients who serves a lot of women in her business, learns very quickly through her conversations with them, that almost every single one of them, openly criticizes and says terrible things to herself. 

Honestly, I can remember how this feels, I remember when I felt this way about myself and it was extremely painful. Living every day shaming myself, and making myself feel so bad, for the way I looked, for my emotions, for what I ate, for all of my shortcomings, for how I felt that I’d failed, and for what I didn’t get done in a day. (Even though my list was an impossible thing to get through it all.)

It’s just been such a long time since I’ve felt that way that it really broke my heart to hear it. 

Yes I’m human, and yes I do have some days that I’m much nicer to myself than other days, but on the whole, when I notice that type of self-talk, I can pull it up very fast, and absolutely know how to come back to self-love. 

I’d genuinely like to know if you experience this for yourself? 

Are you able to reframe things? 

Do you speak to yourself like you would your best friend? 

So many women, are so kind, are so loving, are so giving, are so compassionate, are so understanding with everyone else…… But themselves!

Please remember this today Gorgeous.

You are more than enough, 

You are a wonderful human being,

You deserve love,

You deserve happiness,

You deserve to feel amazing about yourself, 

You deserve to celebrate who you are,

You deserve to know that you are here to play a unique, vital and precious role in the tapestry of humanity,

You deserve to know that you,







With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox


One of the biggest symptoms that I’ve seen with burnout, exhaustion and massive fatigue is also the negative criticism of self that comes with that. Constantly pushing ourselves day in day out, trying to feel that we are enough, trying to prove that we are enough and when we do that for long enough, the body drops lower and lower in physical energy and we get less and less done, we have to motivate ourself more and more, leading to greater and greater resistance, greater and greater procrastination, leading to greater and greater loss of self-esteem, greater and greater loss of self-belief and self-confidence. 

This spiral continues in a downward sequence until most women finally get to a point where they have hit rock bottom and realize that they absolutely need to do something, because physically, mentally and emotionally they are so completely depleted. 

Please, please, please, don’t let yourself get to that point Gorgeous, it not only is impacting you, but it also impacts your family and the hardest thing of all, it’s teaching our children, to berate criticize and hate themselves as well. 

Role modeling self-love, self-care and self-healing is the GREATEST GIFT, you will ever give your children. 

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