Do you listen to your body?

How connected do you feel with yourself? 

Lately I’ve been super inspired by the Amazing Lisa Lister and her amazing book “Code Red”… 

I truly believe this is a must read for all women. 

Understanding your cycle and yourself so much more, brings so much more love, compassion and joy. 

No longer beating yourself up for low energy times in the month, and instead celebrating those times of your body’s wisdom slowing you down to take stock and to go deep within yourself, as times of reflection. 

Every month we have such an opportunity to experience Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

Knowing when to plant seeds (your dreams, ideas and heart’s desires), knowing when to put yourself out in the world when you feel strong, confident, sassy and sexy, knowing when it’s time to hibernate, to go deep and to reflect and to release.

These are all powerful cycles that we get to embrace as women. 

Yet in many ways we tend to treat our bodies like robots. We often demand and expect the same output and performance every day, pushing ourselves to get more done, day in day out. 

And if we don’t, we can end up feeling that we are not enough, or that we are failing either ourselves or others around us. 

This keeps us on this crazy hamster wheel, where you end up forgetting to live and instead just go round and round in circles, feeling stuck, stagnant and unable to change your situation.

Forgetting to stop.

Forgetting to breathe deep.

Forgetting to just be.


Knowing the sacredness, the beauty, the expansion, the miracles that your feminine body is able to manifest and how to work with it, instead of resenting these aspects of ourself are so important to not only living a full and happy life, but also for your physical health, energy and wellbeing.

When we ignore our body’s signals for rest, for nutrition, for space, for creativity and play, we are really setting ourself up for ultimate burnout. 

Most women can get away with this to some degree until they hit their early 40’s…. 

However, your body will pay for it and eventually say no. For some women, it is much earlier than this. 

When you perpetually do not tune into what your body is needing, when you ignore these symptoms, your body will just get louder and louder. 

First will be the feather, then a brick, then a Mack truck if you refuse to tune in…..

Please don’t let yourself get to this point.

Know your body, 

Take time to listen to your body, 

Take time to just be, 

Without anyone else needing or wanting anything from you. 


Ask for support if needed, 

Set healthy and appropriate boundaries (Your anger/irritation will always let you know what isn’t ok for you.)

Be kind and compassionate with yourself, especially when you are in the lower energy part of your cycle.

Don’t expect your body to be a robot,

Value and love yourself enough to draw a line in the sand and to take care of you and your body and if you know that you need additional support to do all of the above, make sure you click the button below.

Most of these patterns that keep you stuck in burnout and exhaustion will be deeply engrained in you from childhood. Having the tools, skills and strategies to truly free yourself from these patterns is the key to maintaining and sustaining incredible health, passion, energy and wellbeing well into your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond.


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways, 


Sal xox

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