Do you love who you are?

Fall in love with you….. 

I know a lot of people would cringe and wrinkle their nose up at the above statement.

I get it, as a society we are actively discouraged and in fact laughed at for “loving ourself”.

I’m talking about a deep, heart based, soulful love and respect for yourself, not some egotistical rant that often actually comes from internally feeling super insecure, and not enough.

We all have plenty of moments in our life when we have not felt enough. 

When we have felt that we’ve failed, or have let others down, or let ourself down.

I know, it can be tough…. 

I lived everyday in that feeling for years and years, until I realised at age 32, that I had no clue on how to love or appreciate myself. 

Crazy, but true!

I had never learnt how to internally validate myself, I had always looked for, searched for external validation and the challenge with that is, often it is completely out of our control if we are waiting for someone else to recognise our brilliance and magnificence, but also it becomes like an insatiable appetite….. 

I know for me, it didn’t matter how much other people acknowledge me, validated me or told me they loved me or thought I was great, I still didn’t feel it myself. So it was like a bucket with holes in it. No matter how much got poured into the bucket, all the good stuff just drained out anyway…..

This is why self-love is so important. It plugs up the holes!

And it doesn’t leave you dependent on “needing” others to recognise, value or appreciate you, however it’s wonderful when that happens, as we can receive it more fully into our heart and after all, it’s just a deeper reflection of what we are feeling internally. 

If you’ve ever cried when someone has written you a beautiful heartfelt letter, or a card it’s because our soul recognises the truth of this, our tears fall as our own resistance to our self-love and our self-worth melt away. 

The other challenge that presents if we haven’t done the internal work and continue to do the internal work to love, value and appreciate ourself for who we are, is that we begin to attach our lovability and worthiness on external things, such as the shape or look of our body, the amount of money we have or don’t have, the career, the house, the car, the relationship, how hard we work, how much we do for others. 

Now whilst all of these things are lovely to have, it is heartbreaking and terrifying if anyone of these things is attached to your own sense of worth, value and or lovability. 

If you put on a few kgs, the amount you value and love yourself will diminish, if you need to rest – you will no longer feel worthy of love or feel that you are worthy, if something happens in your job, or with your house or relationship, then all of that leaves your self-worth and self-love fluctuating like an autumn leaf in the breeze, because you’ve attached all of those things to your internal value. 

Your internal value, can in truth never be diminished, but our inner critic and wounded ego mind may disagree with that, because of all the rules we’ve collected over the years on who we need to be and what we need to do to be loved. 

And if we break those rules, the ego mind freaks out, big time!!

This is also why self-love is never a one time certificate. It will fluctuate at times, as we move through these old limiting beliefs and stories. 

But the divine truth is that you were born lovable, valuable, enough and worthy, just as you are.

You matter, because you do. 

There is nothing you have to do to prove your worthiness or enoughness.


So what gets in the way of this? 

Our internal dialogue….

Our beliefs and thoughts about who we believe that we need to be in order to be enough.

Our shame binds, attached to parts and aspects of ourself, that invoke shame when we experience them. These can be things that we were shamed for as a child – such as anger, emotions or sensitivity, making a mistake, running late, not being organised, being “messy” or “lazy” or feeling that we weren’t “perfect” enough. 

This is why doing the inner healing work is so freeing.

No longer are you held within these constraints.

No longer do you feel that you have to perform like a monkey just to please everyone else. 

No longer do you feel trapped in situations that you feel you can’t change. 


Self-love is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself and the world. Teaching our kids this is priceless and invaluable for independent thinking and for overcoming peer pressure. The value of knowing who you are, what your values are and living those from a place of congruency, authenticity and integrity adds even more to our self-love cup. 

Not only that, it feels so incredibly amazing!!! 

It’s so wonderful to wake up and feel that flow, to rest into your heart deeply and to know your value without question.

It is so freeing to be able to know who you are so clearly, what gifts you bring to the world and to be able to radiate so much love from your heart because you already feel so full. 

It is amazing the things that transpire as a result of truly loving, valuing and appreciating yourself so deeply and the alignment that occurs in your life as a result of this.

Pure radiance,

Pure joy

And deep internal happiness.


With love and blessings,

Always in All Ways, 

Sal xo



Did you know that one of the biggest causes of burnout is lack of self-love, self-value and self-worth….. 

It sounds crazy to say that when so many incredible high achieving women fall into the burnout hole. Surely they have great self-worth, right?

Yet the striving, the pushing, the not allowing yourself to rest, the have to be there for everyone super woman is from a deep fear of not being enough. 

Even though it can feel exhilarating in the moment to feel so accomplished and like superwoman helping everyone and being there for everyone (from the adrenaline high it produces), it is not sustainable long term.

Living this way will eventually bring you to full halt and it’s devastating when it does. Because when our self-worth is attached to “being and doing” all these things for others and you no longer can, it’s confronting and often our self-worth and self-value plummets… 

That’s why healing your self-love now, before you get to the point when your body literally says no, is one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself and your family. 

If you are tired of just surviving the day and you are so ready to get back to Thriving, loving who you are and creating your dream life sustainably, then click the button below. xox
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