Do you need approval from others, this is a huge energy drain on our body…

Needing approval from others can be a huge drain on our energy.

We often end up unconsciously morphing ourself into what we think others need us to be.

Often abandoning ourself and our own needs want and desire in the process……


So why do we do that?

To stay safe.

We are hard-wired as humans, to fit in belong, and be accepted, our very survival (especially as a baby or young child depends upon this.)

This is the greatest challenge we face as humans overcoming the fear of loss of approval, and in some cases love and validation, to fully embrace our most authentic core self and express ourself fully.

We are heavily conditioned as children to want approval from our parents, for the loss of it, can feel like an imminent threat to our survival, safety or sense of belonging. We are taking on belief systems and becoming attuned to what and who our parents wish us to be.

Especially scary if our parents also have attached their sense of worth to who we are and how well we “perform” in life.

This is where I see a lot of authoritarian control kick in, as parents do all they can to avoid parenting shame, from us not “behaving” or “being successful” in whatever way they believe we should be.

It is not honoring the truest essence of who we are. Yet we are programmed and conditioned to do that.

The more sensitive your nervous system is, the more highly attuned you will be to others’ needs and what they desire from you.

This is a beautiful gift that we can give to the world, but until we’ve learnt to overcome the fear of loss of approval, and stepped into our own sovereignty, self-love and self-worth, it can contribute to so much burnout as we continue to mould and shape ourself continually into what others want or need from us.

This is so exhausting and depleting to our system.

Not to mention breeds so much resentment and anger underneath as we perpetually abandon ourself, to meet other’s needs.

Understanding how to free yourself can be so incredibly liberating and brings about an instant shift in emotional and physical energy.

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If you know you continually become “the good girl” or the “people pleaser” and you wish to know how to break free of this pattern, so you can get your energy and health back and massively improve your sense of self-love and self-worth, click here to book your call with me today.

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With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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