Do you really know just how powerful you are?

I’m honestly just blown away by how powerful we are as humans.

What we can create, what we can manifest, what some people achieve, do and create in their lifetime, it is truly mindblowing!!!!

This was something I was pondering this morning,

I was thinking back to when I first became a single Mum, and even further back than that, when I was in a really difficult relationship and how at the time, I would often cry myself to sleep of a night-time.

I’d never felt so lonely, even with someone lying in bed beside me.

I felt this person didn’t get me or understand me at all.

All I wanted was to feel valued and that I belonged.

Then in my mind, I remembered just how hard those first days, weeks and months were when I first became a single Mum.

All the fears, the anger, the stress….

And this morning I thought about just how much my life had changed since then.

Just how much I had changed since then.

I felt so powerless at the time.

I felt completely controlled by my emotions,

I felt that life was happening to me.

I felt that I just didn’t deserve love and that I wasn’t lovable.

I felt that being a single Mum was so hard and I was filled with lack, fear and scarcity.


Little by little I took my power back.

At first it was with my body, alcohol and emotional eating.

Then it was my mind, every morning I tuned into Tony Robbins and Abraham Hicks to change my thinking and how I felt. I believed that the more good stuff I poured in, the more good stuff would eventually come out.

Then I took my power back over my finances, I no longer allowed myself to be ruled by fear. Even though I was still literally accounting for every single dollar at the time, I knew exactly where I was up to and could make informed conscious and aligned choices.

This changed my relationship from fear to gratitude with money.

Then I took my power back in relationships, I said no when things

didn’t feel right, I left events, situations and circumstances that no longer felt aligned for who I was and who I wanted to become.

I started surrounding myself with people that had already created the life that I wanted to be living.

I started to invest in myself, because I knew deep down I was worthy.

It’s been 12 years, since I first chose to take my power back.

And yes there’s still been so many times, when I face planted, when I didn’t feel worthy and enough, when I was engulfed in shame and when I felt powerless.

But the blessing with inner work, is that you can never unsee something once you’ve seen the truth.

And that has always called me back to my heart and my inner knowing.

Back to my power,

Back to my essence,

Faster and easier every single time.

What once took me out of the game for months on end, now is only a few moments, a few hours, or a day if it’s something really big.

Knowing how to identity when you’ve given your power away is key AND knowing how to take your power BACK, is critical……

The 2 Steps are:

Journal on:

  1. If only…………….. were different, then I could/would be able to………………..
  2. If I were taking full responsibility for my happiness, for my life, for my wellbeing, for having a healthy relationship, for my health, for my finances, today I would………

Where have you diminished and given away your power?

(No-one can EVER take it from you, UNLESS you’ve given it to them, or the situation!)

Whatever you BLAME for your life being the way it is, you are giving your POWER away to.

SELF-RESPONSIBILITY for changing your life is literally HOW you take your POWER back.

It brings you back into CHOICE of how you choose to RESPOND and no longer REACT.

YOU are not your past.

YOU are not the words that someone has said to you.

YOU are not the amount of money in your bank.

YOU are not the way you look.

YOU are not what someone else believes about you.

YOU are the DIVINE ESSENCE of LOVE at your core.






It’s time to own this fully!

What would be possible for you, if you stepped into your power fully and no longer held yourself back, or gave your power away to old disempowering stories?

What would you create, be and do if anything were really possible?

What would you choose your life to be, if you stepped into Co-creating your life fully?

How would you choose to live?

What would you choose to do each day?

What would the greatest expression of you be?

I have 5 incredible spaces for Heart Led Women, that are ready to RECLAIM their POWER back!

That are ready to create their OWN DREAM life,

That are ready to create UNCAPPED ONLINE INCOME.

That are ready to show up and embody the BEST VERSION of themselves,

That are ready to GO all IN, on EVERY AREA of their LIFE.

To release all self-imposed limitations,

To get out of their own way.

And FULLY BECOME who they always wanted to be.

If that’s you, email me at or PM me today.

All the Love,

Sal x


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