Do you struggle with procrastination?

Procrastination is such an important topic to understand because often we can be beating ourself up for feeling that we are procrastinating or not doing the things we believe we should when in actual fact you could be stuck in “high functional freeze” within your nervous system.

This is actually a trauma response….

When this happens, it will feel as if you are blocked, stuck, paralysed and unable to move forward, chances are you will have extremely low energy and feel quite apathetic, or “not motivated” to do anything.

I often describe it as wearing concrete boots and trying to walk through a boggy marsh – everything can feel heavy and slow.

(This is a huge symptom of experiencing burnout also.)

And what I’ve noticed in many of my clients that have experienced this, is that procrastination is generally one of two things.

  1. The nervous system is in a high functional freeze state


  1. Overwhelming or big fears are creating huge resistance (- these fears could also put us into a high functional freeze also.)

Understanding this about your nervous system will mean that you will be able to have loads more compassion for yourself when experiencing this and know exactly what to do, to guide yourself out of it gently.

Many women end up extremely burnout when they continually try to “push through” these low-level energetic states, instead of doing the inner work, to free up the nervous system, and bring themselves back into emotional alignment with what they are wanting to do and achieve.

Does that make sense?

The more we push, the more energy it takes and the more exhausted we eventually become. Because it’s like trying to drive with both the accelerator and the brake on at the same time. It’s a prime way to create burnout.

Many people that procrastinate can have an intense fear of getting it wrong or failing, or needing to get it perfect the first time. This is where the nervous system may go into a freeze response.

Or you may also be in extreme burnout. I’ve had so many women come to me over the years, who are extremely exhausted and burnt out and say I just need to be “more motivated”.

Trying to push yourself when you are burnt out and exhausted is honestly one of the worst things you can do.

A couple of things you can do immediately to start to regulate your nervous system and move yourself back into emotional alignment so that you can take action on your goals and dreams are:

  1. Go for a gentle walk or exercise. Moving the body tends to free up the emotions and gets everything moving, so much of our emotional state is affected by our physiology (the way we sit, stand, and hold our body.)
  2. Chat with a friend and share with them why it’s important for you to take action on the thing you are wanting to. Make sure you are sharing positive reasons why, that are inspiring for you. (Positive social engagement, helps to regulate the nervous system.)
  3. Do the Byron Katie work ( on your beliefs and or inner critic talk, such as “I’m going to fail”, “I can’t do it”, or “I need to get it right, or perfect”. “I can’t make a mistake”. (I’ve personally found exceptional relief when I free myself from such beliefs and thoughts and come back into inspirational alignment that allows me to move forward with so much ease.)
  4. Do EFT tapping. This not only decreases the amount of stress on a cellular level within your body but supports you in feeling and processing your fears through your nervous system and emotionally.
  5. Brainstorm and get clarity on each step that you will need to take and prioritise each thing. This will support you to get out of your overwhelm and be clear in your actions. Anytime we are overwhelmed it’s because we are looking at too much at one time. We need to break things down to sizeable chunks, that feel easy to manage.

Doing the above things, it will support you to have more energy and to feel much more aligned. This is one of the key things that I support my clients with.

Quite often they may have deeper unconscious fears about being seen, making mistakes, being too successful, or not successful enough – sometimes both at the same time, fear of getting it wrong, not being perfect enough, etc.

These fears can be so paralysing and have often come from seemingly minor incidents in life, but can have paralysing effects on our nervous system, such as being humiliated by a teacher or classmates at school for saying an incorrect answer for example. Or even being criticised by a parent for making a mistake or getting something wrong.

Our survival mind is always trying to protect us.

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