Do you suffer from PMS?

Do you suffer from PMS symptoms?

This can really be minimised as something “normal” or just what’s expected when you are a woman. 

And to be honest, this breaks my heart. 

It’s actually not the way it’s meant to be.

Our western lifestyle and way of life of constantly rushing, pushing, and needing to do more and get more done in a day, wreaks havoc on a woman’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Experiencing severe PMS symptoms is actually a sign of deep hormonal imbalances and inflammation in the body. It is often exacerbated even further through burnout and ongoing stress in our lives. (And even deeper than this, can be from unresolved trauma and emotional patterns affecting our feelings of worthiness and enoughness.)

PMS can end up impacting our relationships with others, with an inability to emotionally regulate ourself properly, which can end up leading to severe pain and debilitating symptoms, impacting how much we can do at certain times in the month, not to mention our lack of patience and emotional outburst. 

Being able to rebalance your body again, improve your wellbeing and energy overall and minimise lifestyle and ongoing stresses is so important. 

To discover several tips on what areas need to be healed in order to resolve your ongoing PMS and to heal burnout click below to watch the video. 

And please share the love with other women in your life, that you know personally struggle with PMS, please forward this email or video to them, so that they can also start to take the steps needed to heal their bodies. 

Click below to watch the 12min video!

Watch it here!

If you know that you have been burnt out, exhausted and suffering huge PMS symptoms, please make sure that you love and value yourself enough to take action on this today, by booking a FREE CALL with me today. 

On this call, we will get clear on what are the main factors that are causing and perpetuating your burnout and PMS symptoms, get clear on what blocks that you’ve had to healing this, and create a specific plan for the exact steps you can take to heal your body and reclaim your energy again!

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You deserve to enjoy life, 

You deserve to feel amazing,

You deserve to get the help and support you truly need to heal your body

You deserve to know that you can show up as the best version of you. 

With Love,

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