Do you want things to change?

Over the years, I have believed so many different things about myself.

Some of these have been the most disempowering, soul-crushing, and painful beliefs and stories I held about myself and some of these have been some of the most empowering, enlightening, and powerful beliefs I’ve ever had. 

And ALL of them impacted how I felt.



Gabor Mate says that “Trauma is not what happens to us, it’s what happens inside of us when that event occurs.”

When we experience hardships or traumatic experiences we often do not stop to consciously question, what we are making the event mean and what that also means about ourself. 

Our greatest freedom as humans is to create and assign meaning to our life experiences. 

Yet most people do not choose to do this consciously. 

We’ve all experienced conditioning and imprinting at a very young age, that has already pre-programmed a lot of our beliefs and if you do not stop to question these consciously, these beliefs will be the unconscious lens through that you continue to see yourself and the world through. 

It’s like wearing a pair of blue-tinted glasses from birth. It would distort everything you are experiencing, making it all look “blue” without realising that you are wearing glasses. 

Well, guess what, you get to take off the glasses and pick whatever glasses that you would like to see yourself and the world through.

We get to believe whatever we want.

But choose wisely, because your beliefs will shape your happiness, will shape the way you experience life, will shape what you believe is possible for you. 

And the trickiest thing about our beliefs is, that we actually believe them to be true and will look for and find the evidence to support these beliefs and therefore reinforce them. 

The powerful way our mind works is that it is an evidence-gathering machine. If we believe something to be true, we will always find evidence that supports that “truth”. 

The biggest difference is that when you understand this, you can use this to support you in your life, instead of creating more suffering, pain, and sadness in your life.

Your beliefs and your “truth” are creating your own personal reality. 

One of the most powerful things that I ever learned when I was scraping myself up off the floor from when I first became a single Mum, dealing with divorce and being the sole provider, and then the death of my beautiful Mum, was that happy and successful people have a certain way of thinking and depressed, sad and angry people (how I felt at the time) had a certain way of thinking. 

Now, none of this is wrong in anyway shape or form, believe me, there’s no judgement at all, I lived that way for years…. Yet what I got to really learn from this experience was to question if my beliefs were helping me get more of what I wanted to create for myself and my girls or were these beliefs making my life harder and sadder in some way?

The biggest difference in somebody transforming their life or staying stuck is in the beliefs and the stories that they tell themselves every single day. 

And I know, some of these stories can be hard to give up. (There are reasons for that, but I won’t go into that in this post.)

If you are struggling in any area, examine your beliefs. 

Take the time to write down what you actually believe to be true about yourself and or about that life area, be it money, relationships, health, your body, etc.

I can promise you, there will be some challenging beliefs that are holding you back or keeping you in that situation. 

Knowing how to change your beliefs, impacts every area of your life. 

It can change your health, your wealth, your relationships, your own self-love, the habitual emotions you experience daily. 

Give yourself the gift of freedom. 


You are a powerful being,

It’s time to really own that and choose your beliefs accordingly. 


With Love and Blessings, 


Always in All Ways, 

Sal xox



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