I hear this a lot….

And to be honest, it’s something I massively struggled with when I was going through burnout, it eroded a lot of self-confidence and self-belief.

Going from someone who has always been super committed to my word, to feeling flaky and unreliable….

But what I realised was, in the past I had been in a lot of push energy, striving energy, doing the thing no matter what the cost….

Even to my health and wellbeing….

Some of that came from my belief systems.

Some of that came from fear of letting my girls down and fear I wouldn’t be able to provide for them…..

And being burnt out meant I had to figure out another way because to heal my body, I truly had to shift from pushing myself and striving….

However, what I’ve learnt over time is that motivation wavers over time.

We don’t always feel like following through…
Especially when we are burnt out or tired.

So here’s 10 things to be aware of that can “HACK” your motivation and operate from even more alignment and flow!

1. What do you REALLY want? Is the thing you are trying to “motivate yourself to do, actually what you REALLY want? Or just something you THINK you SHOULD do? – Make sure you own this for yourself!

2. WHY do you REALLY want to do this? WHY is this super important to you?

3. What are your HIGHEST VALUES? How does doing this thing support you to experience more of living your highest values?

4. WHO are you Accountable to? Have you declared this publicly or to at least 1 other person? Accountability increase our chances of success by up to 95%!!!!!

5. WHAT else will this positively impact in your life as a result of completing this thing?

6. WHO else will it positively impact by completing this thing?

7. DO you have any inner conflicts or fear that if you do this thing you will lose something else that you highly value? Eg. If I earn more money, I’ll lose time with my family. – Write the NEW story, where you get to have both.

8. Do you fully BELIEVE you CAN do this? Fear often creates unconscious demotivators and creates resistance towards what it is that we are committed to. What are 50 reasons WHY you CAN and you WILL?

9. Remove or minimise people/conversations in your life that suggest that you can’t or shouldn’t do the thing. When making NEW commitments, it often can trigger fears in others, where they may want to protect you, OR they are fearful that you may leave or abandon them or change if you are continuing to grow.

10. Surround yourself with CHEERLEADERS in your life that INSPIRE you to show up and be the BEST version of YOURSELF!

What’s something that you find helpful to stay on track and “motivated”?

I’d love to hear?

Wishing you the most amazing and incredible day!

Blessings and Love,

Sal x

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