Don’t let fear stop you!

Don’t let fear stop you…. 

Fear is such a normal human emotion, it’s 100% ok to feel fearful and if you are wanting to create a life that you love, 100% on your own terms, you will need to learn how to dance and work with, not against your fears…. 

Fear is our natural survival instinct to protect ourself and to keep our bodies alive. It’s a good thing to have and creates a natural impulse within to save ourself if placed in the face of danger. 

It also will become louder the more physically exhausted and tired you are. Your mind will become hypervigilant to all things the more tired and sick you feel, focusing more and more on what could go wrong, because it is now needing to defend, guard, and save you with your body feeling so compromised. 

This is a huge challenge because it is these fearful emotions that perpetuate illness, that perpetuate fatigue, that perpetuate staying stuck in fearful and compromising situations. 

On top of that fear can have crippling effects on your creativity and expressing your unique soul’s purpose of who you are and what gifts you are here to bring into the world. 

You as you are, right now, play a unique and vital role that only you can fulfil.

You have hearts desires, longings and what you wish to create and how you want to be living to express and bring into the world.

That is your gift of expansion to humanity.

To express all that we are, fully and completely. 

Yet fear will hold us back from all of that.

It will have you living from your head,

From fear, 

From judgment, 

From criticism, 

From feeling not enough,

From comparison, 

From justifying,

From blaming….. 

These are all ways that the ego survival mind plays out and seeks to protect us and if those types of thoughts and feelings are active within you, you can be certain that you are living from your head, not your heart in this moment. 

Again, there is no judgment here if that’s what’s happening at the moment for you. We all go there at times, I could seriously put my hand up a million times, but life gets very different when you no longer are living in that space 100% of the time. 

Dropping into your heart centre and living from a place of love, possibility and curiosity and imagination is what truly sets you free. 

There is honestly nothing like it on earth.

It is a feeling of freedom, of peace, of calm, of joy, of power, of excitement, passion, and enthusiasm.

Aligning your emotional energy with the outcomes you wish to experience brings joy to our hearts and aligns us with the universal co-creative power that we were all born with. 

Knowing how to do this gives you your creative power back to really create more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want. 

It will deepen your connection of love with others, 

It will enhance every single one of your career and business results, 

It will feel like you have the Midas touch,

It will bring an incredible zest, energy, and vitality back to your physical body,

You will love who you are even more, 

Your presence will be felt and known, 

You will be stepping into your divine co-creative power. 


If this is what you want, I invite you to join my 4 Week Warrior Goddess Self-Love School. 

In the 4 Weeks of the Self-Love Course, we will be covering:

  1. How to identify and release negative beliefs and inner talk
  2. How to release past disempowering stories/events that have impacted your sense of self-love and self-worth.
  3. What habits or behaviours are not serving you in your health, relationships, and money, and how to change those.
  4. Strategies and tools to elevate your emotions and shift your thoughts into empowering ones
  5. Understanding what fully being yourself is and how to do that more and let yourself shine.
  6. Being clear on your own boundaries and being able to maintain those. (Letting go of people pleasing tendencies)
  7. Upleveling how you would be treating yourself if you were loving yourself at the highest level. 
  8. How to tune into your inner guidance and hear your Higher Self’s messages.
  9. Understanding how your self-worth and self-love are impacting your health, relationships, and money.
  10. And how to continue on your healing journey after the course. 
  11. And many other tips and strategies that will support you to deepen your sense of self-love and self-worth.

All these skills and tools will have you connecting back deeply with yourself and living from your heart. Taking you out of fear and getting you back into your soul’s purpose of being fully you!

The course will be delivered in an online format, with a daily training video and journaling prompts 5 days per week, over the 4 weeks, with a Q & A Zoom session at the end to make sure all of your questions are answered. 

You’ll have online access to me during the course to ask any questions that you have as well. 

This course will be $497 normally, however for a limited time and for an extra Chrissy present it will be a $197 upfront payment or 5 x $49 Weekly payments. 

Email me at to claim your place today, 

Lots of Love and Blessings, 

Always in All Ways,

Sal x


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