Embracing your emotions….

Embracing your emotions….

At first, they will appear to intensify,
At first, they will seem to grow larger and deeper,
And it may scare you,

But as you stay present with them,
As you expand into the feeling even more,
They will dissipate fast.

Even in the deepest grief, when I’ve been truly present with my emotions,
My sadness has lasted no more than 5 to 10 minutes, when I’ve really allowed myself to feel it intensely.

If I push it down, if I try to swallow it down,
If I repress it, resist it, reject it, or make it wrong and quickly dismiss it,
It builds.
And it builds,

Until one day, when the slightest of thing occurs and I explode,
Messy, uncontrollable and no longer able to contain my suppressed emotions.

These days that is pretty rare,
But it still can happen,
Especially to the emotions that I reject,

That I made wrong,
That I was ashamed to feel.
It eventually bubbles over.

It’s just like a coke can that’s been shaken, all the pressure continuing to build inside.
All the energy building and increasing.

That’s what stress is,
That’s why our shoulders and neck muscles get so tight.
Trying to hold onto it all.

It is so ok to feel your emotions Gorgeous,

It is so ok to breathe into your feelings.
I know they can feel scary at times,

We don’t like to feel out of control or emotional,
However, until you fully lean into them,
Until you fully experience them,
I promise they are controlling you, even if it’s only subconsciously.
And you may unconsciously be doing all you can to avoid them, in an attempt to numb them…..
Emotional eating, spending money, over-working, over-giving, being hyper-focused on taking care of everyone else, as an unconscious way of trying to feel more in control……

Lean into your pain and your feelings,
Feel them fully,
Breathe into it and release it, by experiencing it fully.
It will set you free in a way that is unimaginable.

What have you not let yourself fully experience and feel?
How will this help you move forward by feeling this fully?

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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