Everything is a Reflection

Everything is a reflection…..

Of our thoughts,
The words we speak,
The conversations we have,

The topics we continually discuss,
The energy with which we communicate with,
The inner work we have done or not done,

The habitual emotions we experience each day,
The actions we take or don’t take,
The people we spend time with,

The relationships we have,
What we allow to influence us,

What we consume on a daily basis,
Be it food, beverages, social media, TV or movies…..

The small little seemingly inconsequential choices we make, significantly compound over time and they are either taking us closer to where we want to be and how we wish to live and feel, or further away…..

Just something to ponder.

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

P.s How beautiful is this view! I literally get to walk this pathway every morning.
And I’m sooooo super excited to share that my book “A Joyful Life” is launching next month on the 7th of September!

If you’re from the local Wagga area, I would be so delighted if you’d love to attend and I can promise you it’s going to be an amazing night out!!!

Get Free Tickets here!


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