Fear of change, or fear of staying the same?

We change, when the pain of things staying the same, becomes greater than the fear of change…..

I know for sure, when I first started to change my life, it was absolutely because of this.

I’d just become a single Mum,

I felt terrified of being able to provide for my girls of only being on $300 a week at the time,

My own beautiful Mum had just passed away from cancer….

I felt I was drowning in my own negativity of grief, fear, and anger,

And I was devastated at not being the Mum I truly wanted to be for my girls.

They became my most powerful WHY to DECIDE to change my life.

And I am so beyond grateful for those challenges….

I know today I couldn’t be a ¼ of the woman I am, without those experiences.

I wouldn’t have created my 6 Figure Business,

I wouldn’t have created the time and location freedom,

I wouldn’t have built the courage, the tenacity, the determination to figure things out,

I wouldn’t have invested over $300k in myself,

I wouldn’t have worked so hard on healing my inner self, so I no longer projected my BS onto my girls.

Life is always happening for us, not to us……

Yet it’s easy to forget that sometimes, and it’s been a good reminder for me again lately to remember that.

For the majority of people, it’s not until we hit our own threshold of pain, do we make a DECISION.

Those things MUST change,

Not that it would be nice to, or that we hope to, or that it would be great if we did,



This is what creates a breakthrough.

A powerful moment, where our BS no longer has the power to hold us back.

This is when we make a true decision and our whole identity shifts with it….

And we step into becoming who we truly know that we are…

Sometimes it takes experiencing massive pain in our life, to know ever so clearly what we want instead,

And that is the challenge and the blessing of life.

It’s always giving us what we need, to become who we truly are.

What do you know needs to shift or change?

What are you sick and tired of experiencing?

Why is it an absolute must?

What are the consequences if you never change this?

What else and who else will this benefit and impact to make the changes you want to?

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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