Feeling the big emotions…

Feeling big emotions can feel tough and extraordinarily messy….


And most of us have been taught it’s wrong to be too emotional.


Yet your emotions are always guiding you, letting you know what needs to shift and change in your life and also what needs to be released.


When the big feels come up, if you can be with them and experience them fully, you’ll notice you move through them quite quickly, it’s only when we try to push them down ignore them, suppress them, we end up feeling that way for days…


Not only that, it keeps your nervous system in a dysregulated state, often causing inflammation and long term chronic illness and disease.


Feeling your emotions is truly what sets you free.


If you’d love to find out more about how you can do that, with support, to work through the big stuff, so it’s no longer manifesting in your body as exhaustion, chronic fatigue, dis-ease and chronic illness, and so that you can finally reclaim your health, your joy and your energy again, then click below to book your free 15 min Chat with me today.

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Let’s get you back to feeling amazing again,


With Love and Blessings,


Sal x


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